Today Occurrence

Today just an another ordinary day. Went to KL for something. On the way in front of KLCC, while waiting for the green light on my jehuty-ex5, i notice a kid waving a hand to me on a taxi and together with his mum. They’re foreigners, visiting malaysia i think. that baby i think just around 2-3 years old. So he waving to me and another rempits, where another rempits waving back to him and i close both of my eye with my hands and suddenly open it.. ba ba chak! thingy.. he was happy with our action.. suddenly his mom open the taxi window.

” Hey both of you are cool.. happy 50th independence day! ( with a great wide smile shining shimmering upon us )

and after that she point to the front where it’s green lights and as usual rempit habits, both of us rushing to the front. I smile to that rempits who cheer that kids, and we rush together like super bike wannabe racer.

More of this.. click more

There will be no winner since Traffic Jam is a ‘stalemate’ for that condition. Really, happy 50th independence day malaysia. haha so early. but it’s all over radio. even list out 50 things cool about malaysia. here’s one thing

Malaysia is a place where you can eat anytime anywhere. roti banjir at 4am. Nasi Lemak at 3am. Even if you don’t have the money you also can eat. Go to wedding ceremony in the weekend. almost every weekend there will be free food. Malaysia have a lots of food and I love it.

Receive a book as a gift today. Thanks ya. will definitely read it. I hope that PSP tshirt is well-suited with you.

Wandering alone in Midvalley Megamall(MM). It has undergo a bit of changes. Pets Wonderland now just one floor. Maybe it’s because their pets are selling like hot pancakes. I found the device PSP 2 TV which cost around RM500. a bit crazy but i think i need it in my demonstration in The Raise Project. Currently we receive an invitation from several parties to present on their event. This is all i can tell you. P & C matters please YM me. Apple shop at MM has been rebranded ( i think ) to machines. there’s a new MacBook Pro. I’ve ask the sales assistance about 17″ Version. 17″ version got a visual enhancements where you can view 1920 x 1200 on a 17″ display, and it come with some price :( The reason i consider for MacBook Pro is because of the reliability. Sabau and nirpad got an iBook and hearing their testimonial was so convincing.

But 17 inches MacBook Pro at RM10k, darn, haih and all the curses along this line.

After done talking with sales assistance and getting pamphlets, i test the MacBook. till i try to plug out the MagSafe adapter, that sales assistant come and asking what are you doing and i just said im testing it’s reliability. hahah. then i go out to Sony Style.

At sonystyle, where i was browsing for laptop, there’s a sales assistant curiously looking at me before i approach him and ask, can i havethis pamphlets for FZ something. he said out of stock already and ask me, isnt what you wear on your shirt are PSP Icons ? . Urm.. well yeah why ? It’s kinda cool where did you get it ? Urm my club print it for our project, The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable. and he reply, oh Al-Quran for PSP is it?

deep in shocked, i nodded my head.

Syed, we should really print more of the t-shirt and distribute worldwide.

Al-Quran for PSP version 1.1 already out with several enhancement, and also spawns some deep discussions. more about the discussions can be read here.

verily again countless thanks to 10 knights of Al-Quran for PSP team.

a week deadline. huhu

List of MMU Graduates updated this year.. click here . please be note that rental of robes must be made before 13th of July. aih moneyyyy.

Song at the moment = Let me know what you think : Tsutchie – fat jon [ Samurai Champloo ‘playlist’ ‘]

Jul 2007

3 Responses to : Today Occurrence

  1. pejal says:

    dah tau ah..ape aktiviti mase lapang tekong dan jehuty..merempit!…tekong mesti pakar wat wheelie n pun ex5..bukan susah. hehehehe

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    adekah wikang itu typo?

    sebelum ko diperli seminggu dua kerna typo bagai zaman alpha kita dahulu, baik ko lari ke hujung dunia wahahahhahaha

  3. pejal says:

    eh btol ah…spelling-wise maybe x btol..tapi term tuh mmg wujud dlm kamus rempit. brek depan..jongket tayar belakang.

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