Meet Your Brand Buddy

Meet your brand buddy,


It’s a local multimedia studio situated at penang. i found this portfolio site at this website was very beautiful, made by flash and some 3D modeling occurred. Not to mention, their ideas of each page and the front page, where they have their bud city and they way they design the building refer to the success of that company. love with the adidas stadium and also shell petrol pump. they sure do a lot of studies and references. The MCD drive thru, vodafone tower, standard chartered, apple. brilliant.

click more.. there’s more about this


proceed to their philosophy garden, it is amazing that their branding , that is a bud, they study about it very much. they realte it to their marketing. whcih all flowers have 3 steps that is bud, bloom, and blossom. they clearly shown what they do at each level. and the interesting part is at blossom part, where suddenly one of their buddies coming around with lawnmover cutting the grass to prevent the grass from taking nutrition from the soil. haha that is scientifically. in other words, it means them, this team will take care of the branding/projects they do to the extent of perfecting everything even as small as the grass. creative huh.


next is their buddies.. well for the that’s a bit ordinary but score a lot with their scriptwriting. Nora you should study some of it hehe :p. inside their portfolio gallery are some numbers of their respectable portfolios. there’s a lot of 3d modelling involve in this website. from the character, to the building, each taken care of. still amazingly, this site load at my pc quite fast. around 10 seconds on streamyx. that something to proud of despite webstandards/css lover always love to punching flash websites for their loading time.


it’s really a breath-taking to see this product, made in malaysia. very creative indeed. visit their website here. and if you’re jobless and willing to go to penang.. they have vacancies.

By the way, i’ve just updated a new version of Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable application. Check it out ya. more faster and more smoother with page-search function. :)

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Visit the new look of Usrah Institution, Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Malaysia, here.

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Jul 2007

4 Responses to : Meet Your Brand Buddy

  1. sarakay says:

    Ah takde aku tak caye! Tak mungkin manusia biasa buat ni. Hebat sangat! Melampaui kebijaksanaan manusia. Aku bajet la, mesti alien dr ex-planet pluto yg buat design2 tu sume. Alien2 tu nak revenge kat manusia sbb jatuhkan status tmpt tinggal die sebagai planet. Ko tak caye, ko tgk ah satu hari nanti.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    err… aku yakin nnt bebudak MI la kena wat mende memende camnih.. hahah.. advertising-based creative direction

  3. mcruwan says:

    HI guys can anyone tell me
    is this design done by a malaysian web designer.


  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    mcruwan – yup, done by malaysian in penang

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