International Islamic Fair 2007

Above are the video introduction about what is IIF ( International Islamic Fair ) by Brother Shah Kirit Bin Kakulal Govindji, Da’wa Officer, Islamic Information & Services Foundation on Youtube. Recorded using my Phoebe, a PlayStation Portable ( with my hot Chotto Shot )

It’s just a month away from International Islamic Fair 2007. There will be three main events such as CONFERENCE : UNITY For PEACE, DINNER CONCERT : Sounds of Islam, and also TRADE EXHIBITION. Here are the details of the events

CONFERENCE : UNITY for PEACE [ 4 sessions, from 28-29 Jul, PWTC ]

Session 1: Update on the Ummah
Latest updates on pressing issues in the Muslim world – Iraq, Palestine, Sudan…
Session 2: Business, Economy & Finance
Business Jihad? Perfect IP&S hub. What’s happening to Zakah resources? Gold Dinar.
Session 3: Human Relations, Media & Global Peace
9/11 Ripple Effect. The NEW Media of hope. Dreaming of World Peace…
Session 4: Community, Arts & Education
Awareness=Survival. Muslim View Magazines anyone? Need for Islamic entertainment

DINNER CONCERT : Sounds Of Islam [ 28 July 2007 , MECC ]

TRADE EXHIBITION : 27-29 July 2007, PWTC

So dear bloggers/readers/webmasters.. spread this news by using their banner and copy their youtube link.. here you go

Here are the sidebar banner as for their support.

For briefly more information, visit their website IIF 4 Ummah.

And for more information about Islamic Information & Services, IIS , clicky here

And you’re also can forward spammiahahaha this link to everyone in YM list as promotional to the event.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. It’s Private & Confidential matters but you can always YM me. hehe.

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10 Responses to : International Islamic Fair 2007

  1. eSafarEE says:

    salam wbt.
    insya Allah, xde masalah utk promosi benda2 baik macam nih…nampak mcm ko terlibat secara langsung dlm benda nih…good thing to know that 😉

  2. Fahmishah says:

    dah bubuh dah kalau dapat pergi

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  4. azain says:

    i haven’t heard about this IIF2007 before. maybe lack of promo in the media or simply sheer ignorance on my part. nway, if u’re in the management team, i think it is worth it to let more people know about this via the tv or papers :) sounds interesting, what’s the entrance fees? or foc?

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    erm azain, maybe they lack ofprint media promotion.. dalam tv dah pernah masuk tp sekali dua je la kan.. paper la skang nih tak ramai tahu.. entrance fees foc jer.. come come

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  7. Abdur Razzak says:

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