Non-muslim can enter mosque :)

I receive a message from ikram tokey dunkin donat. he gave me a link to one protaz ( professional ustaz/scholars in islam ) blog that was written in bahsa malaysia about some muslims stupidity. for more information ( and for direct understanding.. please read it here )

In case you didnt understand bahasa, it’s about Ustaz Hasrizal a.k.a SaifulIslam conducting Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Program (IYEP). It’s about an inter-faith program towards understanding other’s religion. ” Religion can also made a conflict but also religion is a way to find peace by understanding each other.“. On day of the program, the participant went to 4 places that is catholic church, hindu temple, buddha temple and lastly the mosque. the service given by the mosque administration was terrible. as what ustaz hasrizal said in his blog, they have made many confirmation about this programme and bringing non-muslim to the mosque but some of the muslim at that time doesnt allow non-muslim to enter. This Is Madness!! ( quoting sparta šŸ˜› )

Actually, from Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him [pbuh]) era,he allow many people and also non-muslim into the mosque. to the extreme, there was once an Arab Bedouin piss on the mosque wall ( probably because that man doesnt know the function of mosque) but after that incident, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) doesn’t made any rules to disallow non-muslim to enter. Allowing non-muslim to the mosque will also expose them about our religion on what is ablution, what is qiblah ( Mecca direction), what is azan ( calls for prayer 5 times a day ) and so on. this is towards better mutual understanding between people on earth. when mutual respect and understanding achieved from various people, there will be peace :)

Lastly is a quote from him ( Ustaz Hasrizal/SaifulIslam ) that i think i want to share with you

ā€Iā€™m hoping that the incident occurred in the Mosque today, would be a positive lesson for each of us. Even though we have many ideal solutions to offer, we have to admit that people out there are far for ready to accept changes in attitude about religion.

In order to achieve our dream, we must first be able to think positive and learn to differentiate between the custom and widespread misunderstanding among the people, with the true Islam that is so far away from what we have seen todayā€,

Conclusion : Non-Muslim actually can enter mosque :) ever since Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) era.

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