Raise #4 Released

I should post this on my blog last two days but been very busy yesterday.

The Raise #4 : PSP-Islamic Magazine. We have three articles which is the ‘Struggle Between Right & Wrong’, ‘Problem With Media’ , and lastly Mother’s & Father’s day Celebration in Islam. So do enjoy our latest magazine and yes dear readers, if you have any artworks, you can submit it with us. here are the photos taken by MuidLatif he gave to us yay.


The fourth Ummahfilms videos included are entitled ‘Muslims Characters at Work’. Very funny + critical + direct to the point. So please watch it.

Click here to download The Raise #4

Song at the Moment = Don’t Stop Dancing : Creed ( Wheathered )

C'est la seule fantaisie ici pour toujours
C'est toujours toi
C'est toujours moi


Jun 2007

4 Responses to : Raise #4 Released

  1. ikhwan nazri says:


  2. sue says:

    purplee… nicee!! another feveret color.. hehe

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    ah kau nampak dekatĀ² ngan pink smer feveret.. hahahaha

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