Towards a healthy life

JANGAN TOGELLLLL ( tengok atas tuh.. flash dia lawa.. stail.. click utk tengok jangan togel campaign ) HAHAHHAHAHAH LOLROFLOMGWTHBBQIJSMPTU ( Laugh Out Loud, Roll On the Floor Laughing, Oh My God, What The Hell, BarBeQue, I Just Shipped My Pants To Ukraine )

last night, I’ve played futsal with samten friends. it’s about 20 of us. a match between kajang vs ampang. match take places at taman shamelin perkasa. long time i didnt meet with them. all the memories of playing futsal/streetsoccer on the evening with them began to flash in my head at that time. i really miss my younger times hahah. if i play soccer/futsal, my position is usually a back/pertahanan. but last time since they all dont want to be a goalkeeper, i’ve endup become one. but not powerful enough to be a school-goalkeeper. dah la pendek. hahah.


They, they who call me Mok as for Gemuk. Still today, they call me with that name. it’s okay for me.


Pictures of the day. I’m quite suprise of how i take this shot since the net is fading gradually to the perspective but still mail pics ( the blue shirt ) still remain sharp. just the drawback of Chotto Shot is that the sensor is only 1.3megapixel. so taking pictures on lowlight environment would be a pain in my head. Plus that slow Chotto Shot imaging processing make that you ( the user ) have to hold the psp tightly when taking pictures even at the direct sunlight. Conducted some research about Panning Techniques in Photography, I’ve think i’ve accidentally done that. I have to practice more.. this is interesting.

heres the link of the picture at that night. i’ve put it on fotopages. the picture taken by Sony PlayStation Portable Chotto Shot, ? Phoebe’s Chotto Shot.

Towards a healthy life – Futsalling with SAMTEN friends

Song at the moment = Top Of Tokyo :Illmatic Buddha MC’s ( Tokyo Tribe 2 OST ). Heart-thumping beat music lovers, i recommend this.

Blow up the spot,Noboru to the top ( climb to the top )Sentan no top ( on the edge of the top )Tokyo no Top ( on the top of tokyo )

Marilah menuju kejayaan. 5 kali dengar setiap hari :)

Jun 2007
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6 Responses to : Towards a healthy life

  1. snowwie says:

    wat a nice shot…tzzk. he purposely sent me that photo to show me how great is his photography skills.

    *what can i say?*

    hahahahaha 😛 but its nice la , really.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahahahhahaha my bad side.. 😛

  3. waNN says:

    wohohoho…setan nyer mok…aq mintak gmbr die dh publish dlu dh…sial laknat nyer mok….

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    haram org tua laknat kutuk kat sini hahah

  5. asrizal says:

    wei… ape la g tnjk gamba yg x lawa..
    tnjk la yg lawa sket…

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    mmg gambar stended camnila sengal.. camera psp jer.. mana lawa

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