IP Creators Challenge : Mobile Content

Today, i went to MDEC IP Creators Challenge : Mobile Content talk held at Hilton KL Sentral. This talk was organised by MDEC in order to summon new creative mobile content creator. their aim was to enrich local deliverable content in mobile environment. the talk given by 2 person from K-Channel and Murasu System. Also with me are allia, nirpad,and sabau. we meet also juniors that doing their internship at MDEC. Haidar, shanker(-allia told his name) and another chinese guy. hey man if youre reading this gimme the pics at the lunch ya hohoho. and another person is Miss Wong. i can guess her intention but i leave it as P & C matters.


Me, Allia, Sabau.. with The Raise Shirt hauhauha

For those who’re interested to buy this T-Shirt, leave a comment in this post with this tagline ” I WANT THAT “

For this year, they’re dividing the categories into 2. one is amateur and another one is professional. last time there’s no such category so the newcomer/amateur having a hard time to compete with bigger companies. This time, real telecommunications(telco) are coming. Maxis Digi Celcom all of them. i’ve asked VP of MDEC of his opinion on The Raise Project. He said it’s a good jumpstart but apparently, as for this time competition, if i compete, there’s about 65% im going to lose because PSP is not a handphone. all judges are telco company so they seek for handphone applications. kalau canggih sikit pun PDA. He’s okay with my content. The Magazine and Al-Quran. SO he told me to ask another person , Mr Azmir. He said last time got a person with Nintendo DS join Game pitching competition but was forced to do PC. so he insist that i should do in PDA that have telco access such as 3G, GPRS, phone functions.

Read more ya!


Nirpad, Allia, and Sabau.

I’ve decided to not entering this competition with phoebe( PSP ) current abilities. Accept my apology dear knights of The Raise Project. Truly sorry.

On the brighter side,the new PSP firmware 3.50 contains a code that enabling PSP to use as VOIP Device ( Voice Over IP ).means functionality like Skype, Internet Phone may be available later on. actually that code was detected on the last formware 3.30 if i’m not mistaken but with many firmware updates, this might be possible start for PSP to become VOIP Phone. Till that time comes, I’ll make a comeback to this competition. Right now i’ve deciced to join Nirpad team and Taka team. hope that they will success in this competition.

If anyone of you want some recordings of the talks, leave a comment here with a tagline ” I WANT TO HEAR THAT “

tagline fever o_O!. Later i will write some stuff about the talks.. like the content of the talk.

The grades was out. well my pointer drop a bit. but still within the safe level. so there goes. Surprisingly, this year, the supplementary list was out with their name being shown. huhu. Many of friends also. I hope you guys can make a comeback. be strong ya. If you guys need my help, I’m always here ready at your service.. saya kaunter pertanyaan tandas tuhh haa sebelah sana… but that depends on time availability too. But seriously again, the fails is not the end. the end is when we dead. so strive hard ya. belakang parang kalau diasah, tajam juga.

There’s also a name, who call me a bragger before in her blog. Bragger means gelabah. And yes, readers/visitors, you may find me gelabah all the times.. even when presenting projects. Here’s a not friendly advise from me, yes because we’re not friend. I don’t know you you don’t know me but you said something about me in your blog so i can said something about you in my blog how childish is me = after almost an hour thinking.. i cant find any advise for you.. you have both problems and good skills/minds and there’s too many of it.

Just a simple good luck. Good luck ya! hahah

Kejam Jahat Benar, Pijak Duduk Kentut. Pulang Paku Buah Keras.

On another thing.. Thanks to Mr Khairul Anuar for the interesting title today inside Kosmo!. The title and the content arrangements of the interview was extremely good. It will definitely sparks some new creative people/kids/teenagers to contribute their skill in Islam. We will see more muslims living their life in islamic way and all their daily device apparatus can be used as dakwah and islah medium.

Imagine a world where islamic information are available everywhere in any medium.

MARESMARTIAN : How many of you are available within this 3 months? ( June – September ) Contact me please.

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ANIME : Darker Than Black 10 & Tokyo Tribe 2 Aired! . As for Darker Than Black 10, it’s by pseudonym [sudo] so if your pc doesnt capable of playing HD-size (  1080p , ) please wait for another release ya.

Song at the time = Natalie Imbruglia : Satisfied ( Counting Down the days )

I’m satisfied with my overall result in university but there’s more mountain, more valley, more area to conquer. Bangkitlah Fata sekalian!

Jun 2007
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  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    OMG it’s from aussie.. nadeyoneeeeeeee naniyate camne nak hantar tshirt ke sane..
    weh syed dengarlah permintaan hangat ini

  2. Donut Trump says:


  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    sori donat trump ahaha

  4. chapan says:

    bragger berlagak la. brag = berlagak, bragger = org yg berlagak. apa lagi, post link sudey. 😀

    aku nak baju. tp free. I WANT FREE TSHIRT! sankyu.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    aa.. entah dekat blog dia yg dah didelete bertahun lamanya dia tulis kira sorang nih gelabah pastuh match ngan aku.. aku berlagak eh ahahah..

    chapan ko nak link eh.. ym suda ahahahahhaha. kalau nak free ko kena tanye syed.. dia uruskan kewangan 😛

  6. kaykay says:

    I WANT THAT!!!!! For free of course..you are kind hearted tekong….heheheheh sure u can do me a favor…hehehe abrilliant guy like u sure can get me that t’s…hehehe

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    adeh pian ang nak pree lak.. hahah.. belila 25 hinggit je lengan pendek.. lengan panjang lak 27 ringgit. hoho

  8. sue says:

    27 ringgit.. ermm.. 4 pound.. ala.. kasi free je la.. takpon aku kasi duit pound.. nak? atau ko nak duit dirham? atau duit euro?

    *4 pound mcm murah, tp 27 ringgit cm mahal.. teheheh *

    kasi free la.. sementara pembalikan aku ke malaysia nih..

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    mak aih pian mintak free ang mintak free .. tp offer dlm duit pount mmgla tak tahannn tp postage camne lak hahah.

    unless ko turun kl, senangla tade postage.

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  11. ikram_zidane says:

    bragger is berlagak la.. how come leh jadi gelabah plak..

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    oo eh?? entahla ikram.. dia tulis bragger.. pastuh gelabah sebelah tuh.. agaga.. thx for the correction

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