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The Pass/Fail result already out. Alhamdulillah, thank god I’ve pass all of the subject but mysteriously, the trimester 2 result didnt appear. Maybe they didnt update the SRI ( Special Research Interest… i think ) yet. The grades will be shown next thursday i think. but i think that Basic Accounting/Management/Finance is the black sheep and pull down my pointer. well.. getting pass is okay already since my carry marks only 18/50. Im not that type of always okay person but i really cant help with that subject.. less attention and so on.

So here are the guids to graduate. once you’ve pass all of the subject.. you’re still not elligible to grad unless you do this following things. thanks to rinakeiko for the info.

  1. log on to Graduation Online, at the left side of Onlinecyber website
  2. after login, fill those information. address, phone number, email, parents name, marital status, blood type, pet that you own, stuff that you own, your torrent software name, okay stupid jokes start at blood type 😛
  3. erm then again i forgot what in graduation online 😛
  4. but at the end of the part.. please enter your last trimester. in my case, it’s trimester 3 2006/2007
  5. then on completion, they will give you the clearance form
  6. the clearance form is the verification form from 3 department in mmu saying that you didn’t owe them any fines, library fines, or financial stuck.
  7. i got fined by mmu once because of my jehuty parked at HB2 food court on Beta year. 30 ringgit.
  8. library fines already paid before with discount after giving some wink and give her ( the cute-for-my-type librarian ) to play locoroco wahahahhahaha [ okay actually it’s not discount.. but the duration of the book actually have been… double-expired. so the fines have been fixed ].
  9. lastly you have to check with finance division. well my case.. they owe me and have return to me 3 millions. Well see below. i still remember syawal that time go to finance and he chat with some finance officer. well he did overheard that they talking about a student that pays 3 million for a hostel. wahahhahahaha. well it’s true that they minus back the 3million but still.. funny lah. i’m a millionaire for one day. like ‘Blank Check’ story long time ago. sejuta2.jpg
    and now they still owe me RM484 something. nice time to get money, i’m penniless
  10. then again go to security division.. they will flash your card for graduation activation. and after that.. hope when you receiving your digital scroll on that graduation day and you flash your smart card, no trouble arise.

I still didnt do this clearance but i hope i will face no problems. hopefully.

Some of my friends already start working.. wish you guys happy working. some of us still jobless… well happy graping ( menganggur ).. well as for juniors cewah.. taking internship.. have a nice training and well to those who’re still studying.. good luck and study smart. waiceh. hahaha.

So now, should memorize this song.. Graduation : Vitamin C. the first time i heard this song was back at MRSM taiping, where we got these Hari Graduasi.

in case you have extra info of what to wear those yada yada.. where to register for convo list and so on.. do tell me ok.

Geek Stuff : Found this on the star.. you can check traffic of main expressway in KL here.

Happy birthday Muizz Sigup. Sigup sebatang tengok.

Song on the moment = 3rd Season : Scoobie Do ( Kaze no Koibito )

Jun 2007

5 Responses to : Guide to Graduate

  1. sejak bila part time student ada hostel fees.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    eh.. ahah.. kat about tuh cakap part time student sbb.. actually a full time student.. tp masa dlm hidup lebih banyak dihabiskan dengan membuat kerja tak berpekdah cam slacking, pastuh freelancing, pastuh main game.. tuh sbb tinggal part time je jadi student ahahahaha.

  3. mrs Yamapi says:

    huii nama gua :p

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha terima kasih atas info kamuk

  5. Hana says:

    haha. aku kene byr lagi 4 ribu baru leh btol2 grad.

    tapi aku dah hantar clearance form. 😛

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