Like brother, like sister.

assalamualaikum warahmatullah and peace be upon you dear readers. It’s a rainy season here in Kuala Lumpur so please take extra precaution when driving whether you’re driving a car or a motorcyclist rempits, be careful.

back to the title of this post. well it’s about my only sister in my family. Anom Nazirah. My story first. I still remembered back at Standard One, Sekolah Kebangsaan Lembah Jaya, final year exam. I was on my way to that school. On the way, i saw a cat eating a grass. FYI, cat eating grass is normal since they eat grass to fix their stomach ache. a further result on google here. That day, it’s Bahasa Malaysia Paper. there’s a question, Kucing makan apa ? ( what do cats eat ? ) there’s a choice of 4 answers. One is of course the correct answer. Kucing makan ikan. Another two was incorrect and the last one is. Kucing makan rumput. ( Cats eat grass ).

Without hesitation, i answer, Cats eat grass! and i’ve become the joke of the month in the family. but when i’ve know tha tcats eat grass for yada yada, i feel like i want to meet that teacher. not to punch her but i want to laugh with her hahahhaha.

And now, my sister turn.. see the picture below.


she score 38/40 in her paper. this is the one false answer she made. it’s an objective paper of english language. You can see the question and the answer is actually A. Yes i have, teacher. So now she’s become the joke of the month in the family

I hate homework!! hahahahhahaha. i wonder why she answer that question that way. i think her teacher also will be speechless. all questions correctly answered means she didnt have any problem in english. but this question might be an indirect opposition to that teacher. maybe that teacher, or all teacher give her a lots of homework and made her answer that question that way. hahahahhaha. funnehh.. like brother like sister. betul punya bendul.

It’s raining season. Flooding can damage your car and heavy rain can reduce motorcyclist visibility on the rain. Last two days, ( monday ), i went to USJ Taipan to return Hana’s Canon 90mm-300mm zoom lens. Having a Givi Box on my Jehuty ( name of my Honda EX5 ) is very beneficial. I can carry stuff inside. And after that i went to Project McD to return syawal’s EOS300D battery but he;s trapped in a traffic jam in federal highway, i just send the batteries to syawal’s house. i’ve think i’ve travelled around 50-80km on that day using jehuty, a honda ex5 class 1. so again be careful readers in kuala lumpur. malang itu hanyalah berbau karbon monoksida, dan juga jangan biarkan diri anda menghembus karbon dioksida terakhir dimuka bumi ini.

Vacancies : My lecturer’s friend is looking for developer buat flash, ajax, actionscript html, msxml, xml, javascript, keje kat mimos. interested please comment here or contact me ya.

Dear Pak Lah, Congratulations. I got this news from website so I think it’s true not a rumor anymore. congratulations again.

Maresmartian readers, visit Pian ( Sufian Niners, Class of 09 ) hereeee

Pian jom lawan CS. buat gath clan soul, regen ngan lagi satu clan aku lupe … lepas cs , kita main command and conquer tiberium wars. just like old days before.

Song of the day = I write sins not tragedies : Panic! At the Disco

Jun 2007

3 Responses to : Like brother, like sister.

  1. miszx ila says:

    wow,best betul jwpan adik anda..sgt2 bernas..wahahah

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    wahahaha jgn terkejut dengan kepetahan beliau 😛

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