iPhone in Action

taken from lowyat.net, it’s and advertisement of iPhone. for the meantime, there’s 3 title of the ads which is “Never been an iPod”, “How to”, and also the funny “Calamari” where it definitely using a technology from AT&T, a phone service provider in America to dial a restaurant straight away from Maps in iPhone. See all of their brilliant ads here. the one you watch right now is “How To” iphone ads.

Why i said their ads were brilliant? is because the simplicity of the presentation and also the sound synchronization at the end of the ads and along the whole iPhone presentation. it’s just works. lovely. ever since Mr Ghazz, MTV director of Anuar Zain – Mungkin teach us in Media Production Class, he did teach me a one thing, that i still keep holding till now, the very basic principle of Motion Graphics is “Cut Through the Beat” ( tangan kanan buat macam pisau tengah memotong angin kearah tangan sebelah kiri yg jadik cam chopping board. ) hoho.

iPhone with hit Malaysia/Asian stores later on 2008 as what they said earlier in Mac/Keynote. better start saving. i wish can get that as present huehuehue.

oh btw this is the new look of my blog. well i still didnt change many stuff such as the logo and so on. but with this new theme, it’s more wider and bigger than the previous one so putting youtube and media stuff after this would rather be easy. here again i wanna show you the promo trailer of The Raise Project. Some of you might saw it on the IU Charity Dinner ’07.

Song of the day = Savin’ Me : Nickelback ( yes someone please save me. you know what to do )

Jun 2007

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