Flash 9 (CS3) Review

As promised, here’s the review of Flash 9 CS3 after i get a hold of it’s trial version.


The major and the biggest differences between flash 9 and flash 8 is the ActionScript 3.0 introduced ( AS3 ). AS3 is more powerful language, introduce newer style of scripting and able to utilize Flash scripting engine more effectively. they also reduce processing times of the scripting so using AS3 in your flash will make it load and run faster than before.

But to motion creators, be afraid, there’s also improvement flash 9 can offer to you. since this posting have many screenshot, click more to read more of it.. the single post of Adobe Flash 9 Review

The first impression of this newer flash is it become more adobe. the layouts, the button, the arrangement all have been adobe-e.there’s an shrink/expand button on each panel. it’s a quite neat arrangement made by adobe with two arrows and three ||| — this symbol. you can set your workspace based on icon of each panel. Some of the picture is in thumbnail mode.. click on it to enlarge it.


1.jpg 2.jpg 7.jpg

pretty neat. fyi im working on a 1920 x 1600, dell wfp 2407 rev a a.k.a delios 😛

next screen is the actionscript part. if there’s any error on your AS, double clicking on the error will highlight the line that causing the error. like below.


Compiler Error was pretty neat rather than the old output. have to trace line by line of the scripting to find the error.

Next is, if you’re familiar with Dreamweaver 8 and Scite ( Scintilla Text-based editor ) , you’ll familiar with this. You can highlight the script and shrink/expand it. there’s an option of shrinking the line, shrinking the highlight part and expand all.


beside it is the the comment/uncomment section. usage method is the same with shrink/expand.


next is the extensive option when you highlight and right click on the timeline. now there’s Create Shape Tween, Copy Motion, Copy Motion as AS3, Paste Motion and Paste Motion Special. when creating transition/animation, you can copy that motion and paste it directly on another symbol/or highlight it. well if you want me to demo it, make a request ya.


paste motion special enables you to paste specific properties to the symbols you wanted. i use this method to reduce my work time in IU apprentice Dinner Montage. you can basically paste alpha/x/y/blending and filter, well refer to this screenshot for the properties and you also can override it.


Next the improvement of filter section. user can copy filter and paste filer. last time there’s only save as and you have to load the filter from drop-up menu. with this, it’s make things easier.


You can copy your motion movement as XML.


Still didnt conduct experiment on this Command. so quite unsure but judging fromcopy/paste motion in timeline, it would be very pretty interesting OMGWTFBBQ. Next is the association with PSD and AI ( illustrator and photoshop. ) Just see the screenshot below to know more about it.

11.jpg 12.jpg

Next is the improvement of flash drawing controls. two tools introduced that is rectangle primitive and oval primitive. tak sangka ada orang lagi hidup dlm keadaan primitif ( lawak bebal dan bodoh ). the curve control of the rectangle is now at the properties panel. the oval control are also now more extensive.

13.jpg 15.jpg

The pen tool also have an improvement over the control. last time i’m also have a hard time to figure out how to use falsh pen tool.. now it’s become easier with this shortcut.


well the last thing is.. im not quite sure of.. but i want to show you. this part is related with AS3


well of all this interesting features, comes the creative mind of the flasher on how they will work with it. im not sure if im able to know about AS3 before the next flash 10. afterall, it’s a new style. well if anything you want to ask, leave your comments ya :) this is the second time im writing review of software. my first review is flash 8 in my fotopages.

next review is Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars. haha. Slacking is nice.

Song at the time = Hard to Explain : The Strokes ( is this it )

Jun 2007

3 Responses to : Flash 9 (CS3) Review

  1. Ah Liang says:

    The Flash CS3 workgroud and windows will be hidden to bottom, when you press ctrl + enter suddenly pop up a windows i.e. Y! msg or alt + tab…After this I have to hide all toolbar for better viewing…very disturbing, did you face this problem?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    i didnt experience that liao.. i didnt face that problem

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