The end of my studies in Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Degree in Creative Multimedia, Majoring in Digital Media. Well i hope i can score in my accounting/management/economics paper ahaha so can graduate.

Actually quite aimless and have no idea of what i should wrote. but anyway farewell to you guys. some will be a designer, some will be a copywriter, some will be an instructional designer, some might be a president, somebody want to further their studies, somebody gonna make a film, somebody gonna be someone, somebody will getting married, somebody will waiting another partner to ask for marriage, someone might still in mmu further their studies and whatever you’ll be tomorrow just dont forget our memories in mmu fcm for 4 years.

not enough sleep, sharing arcylics, asking to cutting the paper, going to pangkor beach, going photoshoot together, sharing/joining same room to do works, remember the Alpha Gay Bar located at hostel below surau, ( don’t get me wrong, it’s gay because it’s happy and all of us were male because male hostel ), get rejected by che mat, playing mmu intranet online games such as ragnarok, diablo, counterstrike, lineage. oh well.. it’s just a memory now.

So guys, FCM-ers 2003 and also to direct intake students on 2004, farewell and good luck.

I’m off for HSBC Friends of Future camp for 4 days at Tanjung Rhu, Selangor. It’s not a vacation, my last event as photographer, multimedia coordinator for SIFE MMU.

Since we’re still not graduating, singing Vitamin C : Graduation is a taboo you know.. ahaha.

P/S : For DM students who are interested to make a courseware as their starting career, kindly message me. Big, VERY BIG, client awaits you. :) Booked already

P P/S : Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable Version 1.00 released. clicky!

May 2007

3 Responses to : Farewell

  1. pejal says:

    baal rush jom..hehehe~ kt gay bar tgk adam tido duduk.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    jom jommm

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