Tired, but this is the last run, this, the last hurdle. seems longer than before, longer than previous² assignment and i realize i’m pretty ( carutan ) up here. As my previous entry stated, i already start running but it’s just too many roadblocks after that. Not to mention, get summoned bcoz of speeding. Speeding while running, running towards a better destiny pun kena saman.

Another 8 days and it’ll be the presentation of final year project. This fyp is the beginning of an unknown journey after this.

good luck everyone on finals and presentations.

Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth was too addictive. harammmmmmmmm

Everyday sleeping for only 4-5 hours since last 2 month. even today on the weekend. my body start to feel kebas kebas. i remember one day im holding phoebe and i thought it’s my eyes were moving, cant focus, but it’s my hand shivering like a Parkinson patient. Rahmat said it’s bcoz of not enuf sleep and that im too young to hv Parkinson. I think i shud get some Pentazemin from Solid Snake after this. A breakfast with orange juice and gardenia choc bites was so refreshing. Thanks to my food consultant for the suggestion. I mean i didnt sleep after Subuh ( dawn prayer ). So orange juice was a best replacement other than Nescafe rich. In return, more money spend on the food. Equivalent trade.

Rahmat request for a Zaman Buangan Entry last 4 months, later will wrote about it. Surviving hardship and dark era of cyberjaya.

Mum, happy mothers day. I know you didnt read my blog. I intentionally came home yesterday even you said didnt hv to becoz u know im busy. it’s because i want you to cut my hair. And i miss home so much. You’ve always ask me if i want a bento before going back to cyberjaya. One day you wake me up and told me to go to sleep becoz I’m always sleeping at chair in front of pc that time during the busy telekom courseware. The next day you saw me again like that and you bring a blanket to cover me up. You’ve always know where i misplaced my stuff ( my photo memory doesn’t work at home, too much stuff remembered. ) and always sew clothes for hari raya. Up until now i didnt know how much i’m able to repay your kindness and love. But mum, happy mothers day. /lv

Song at the moment : Menanti Sebuah Jawaban, Padi. ( v_v )

May 2007
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  1. Emi says:

    hey.. relax.. i’ve also have experience that shaking feeling before back in alpha.. yup.. it was due to lack of sleep and not enough food…

    Juz eat right.. 3 times a day and don’t skip meals..

    Good luck yeah for fyp.. !

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku memang relax.. tp dah dua bulan macam nih.. dah mula berasa letih.. mahu saja pergi swimming di saiberia bersama sama penghuni a1-0-9 yg dirindui.. aih.

    semalam turun motor kat mmu.. aku terasa letrik satu badan.. cam tak caya.. i think i need a spa… ogawa!

    eat right.. dah tembun ade la .. ahahah karang tak laku 😛

    thanks for the luck and i need it 😉 good luck utk exam ko.

  3. suhaila says:

    so touching…tu le jasa mak… 😀

    by the way, gud luck project…kite dh abis dh..wahahaha… 😀

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahahha tenkiu tenkiu

  5. sue says:

    huh.. tak makan pastu shaking? badan ko ade masalah ke nk tukar lemak2 jd keto acid dan seterusnya digunakan utk jd tenaga? gi eksesais dude! naikkan metabolism.. stay up tuh lagi turun kan metabolism sbb asek duduk je.. secara neutralnya, manusia sihat, 3-4 ari tak makan takde la shaking lg.. haha.. eksesaiss.. eksesaiss..

  6. sue says:

    oh baru terbaca.. “Everyday sleeping for only 4-5 hours since last 2 month”

    aku igt tak tdo langsung.. i slept less than 3 hours everyday selama 2 thn di taiping.. dats y i told my frend, bab tahan tak tido, pompuan lbh hebat sebenarnya.. keke~

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    prejudisnye ko terhadap diriku.. aku mmg pro-eater tp kalau shaking sbb tak makan.. bapak ah.. ahaha..

    mak aih 3 jam je tido selama 2 tahun. huhu

  8. sue says:

    oh.. tu slh satu rahsia “bagaimana untuk meletakkan nama dlm senarai dean’s list selama 4 semester berturut-turut, juga menjadi top 30 students dlm skolah anda” boleh didapati di pasaran skrg..

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku dulu kat taiping.. tidur kul 3-4 gak..pointer tak lepas 3.00 pun ahahahha

  10. sue says:

    ko tido lmbt watpe? men game?? aku study!

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    bila masa lak kat taiping ade bawak pc cam sekarang?

    oh aku ade bawak laptop.. time tuh dah busy body ngan flash wakakaka

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