10 days more~

it’s 10 days more before Artlebedev open their Optimus Maximus keyboard pre-order. Within this 10 days, please go find money and buy it for me :)

the funny thing about this picture is when you click it, it linked to the picture and the filename of this picture was OMG.jpg hahahahahahha. i think artlebedev already know ppl will go OMG WTH with this keyboard.

Those Russians were so ( insert hiperbola words, extreme exaggeration here, ) good. Gila punya otak. I mean their ideas somewhat simple but sometimes was verily extremely extraordinary. If you follow the Life & Incredible Adventures of Optimus Keyboards, you’ll understand why this keyboard sold at high price. but

1.5k USD x 4 ( easy fast calculation ) = RM 6K , OMGWTHBBQ I just shipped my pants to pluto ( this is a proud geek proverbs )

I thought I can have it as for hantaran what, but at that price, better i ask for nintendo Wii or PS3. Cheaper. haih.

The new star glimmers on the sky = The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable :)

Ok back to work. Satay-day Night Fever. hai api bakar sate.. keluarlaaaaaaaaaa

Song at the moment = Susumu Hirasawa : The Girl in Byakkoya ( Paprika OST ) P/S : sape koya? hahaha

Update – I’ve just watched Darker Than Black 05 : pretty interesting that Kirihara Misaki working with contractors. i thought that she hate contractors. As usual, Kirihara Misaki so kawaii desune.


I want to go to japan to find someone like her and get to know her and date her and marry her and bring her to malaysia or anywhere she want and have her cook takoyaki, sushi,  onigiri, teppanyaki, ikan tenggiri, ayam masak kari, daging kari, minum kopi, makan roti, makan mekdi, makan kepci, and want to watch movies together and play nintendo wii or ps3 or psp with her and lying on the greeny grass on the sunny day with her and go everywhere together and have her comfort me during my work and take care of her when she sick or pregnant and have 2-4 kids together and going back to japan every 6 month to visit her parents ( or maybe bring them here to malaysia ) and go picnic every 2 week together with kids and sending kids to school with her and having vacation together and going to groceries together and going to lowyat together and organizing The Raise Project together and outing taking pictures with her and going to mrsm, samten, primary school with her and going Hajj with her and do things that she love together and spending quality time with her and so much with her. ( How psychotic i am this night /swt !!0_O )

May 2007
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