MMU Bloggers Deadline/Exam-train

Just now i’ve finished animating 7 of Satay-Day Night Fever NPC ( Non-Playable Character ). I drop by chapan blog. Suddenly remembered that i still didnt fave him back on the technorati train. while thinking on how to fave him back.. actually will take a bit of time to do all the url. so i cameup with this idea.. making a MMU bloggers exam train.

This is actually for MMU students that will taking exam in just a few weeks more. and as for most of FCM students, they’ll face the deadline and presentation for final trimester project. and i also will hving FYP presentation on 21 may i think.. so here goes the MMU Exam/Deadline

What you have to do is to list all remaining days before your exam/or before you going home. what will you do on each day you’ve stated, like study for certain subject, going somewhere or anything you can put, even Counter Strike friendly match.. This also will act as a promise to yourself and a reminder on what you should do on that day. lastly at the end of the Exam/Deadline train, put the 3 person name that post before you. let say youre a C and you’ve got tagged by B and B got tagged by A and A actually got tagged by me. and the next person you’ve tagged, didnt hv to put my link. Below that, put 5 person you want to tag, to make them made a promise to themselves to study/or to slack. your choice.

Ok here’s mine. My FYP-train ( You may give your own name to your train. IE Exam train. )

  1. 8/5 – Finishing all NPC animation, Order satay, complaint satay.
  2. 9/5 – Do voice recording for NPC orders. Shouting as such.
  3. 10/5 – Try to get tickets on Afdlin Shauki SUMO-lah ( wahahaha )
  4. 11/5 – Gameplay fix
  5. 12/5 – Gameplay fix
  6. 13/5 – Should at least settle the gameplay. now bug test/ visual enhancement
  7. 14/5 – Same as above
  8. 15/5 – Final planning on installation
  9. 16/5 – buy all the material needed for installation
  10. 17/5 – composing/finishing Al-Quran for PSP, The Raise #4
  11. 18/5 – Study accounting.. and paper accounting on that day ( BHM )
  12. 19/5 – The Raise #4, Al-Quran for PSP Public release Version 1.0 | going home for one day
  13. 20/5 – assembling installation at DR4005 FCM
  14. 21/5 -24/5 -PYP pre-evaluation + exhibition
  15. 26/5 – tadaima ( going home.. bye MMU *if able to grad*)

State 3 level of person that tag this to you.

  1. Me ( Ikhwan Nazri ) [ start ]
  2. Chapan [ fave his blog lah.. visit visitt ]
  3. You.. as the first that i tag.. put your name here and tag other people. and they will have to put your name on the second later on.

Tag 5 people to do this. Force them to follow their own schedule.

  1. Tatiana
  2. Yana Naim
  3. Janice
  4. Orell
  5. Sara

Back to work. Good luck MMU students.

Song at the moment = Innocent Sorrow : Abingdon Boys School

May 2007

3 Responses to : MMU Bloggers Deadline/Exam-train

  1. xsan says:

    19 tuh bday tekong!!
    ramai2 sediakn tepong sblm die blk.. ;P

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    harammmmmmmm…. aku tahu aku balik baya prepaid ko utang

  3. sarakay says:

    ko ni tekong ada2 je. Tgklah, klu aku rajin aku buat yek. Choo! ChoO!

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