IU Dinner & The Raise Launching Recap!

Phew… Last night was a blast ( 1 May )

  • My family was there. Faidhi tetiba sengal pergi kat stage. hahahhaha. Going home this friday.
  • PSPfans.net Demonstrators = 6 + 4 from MMU = 10 total demonstrators demonstrating to 300 attendees at that night.
  • and im the person in stage with half prepared, terrible english + not so perfect malay language presented to ppl that night. ( rest assured actually i know how to explain if face to face, haih my weakness on stage. )
  • The event actually got some major weaknesses and im part of it.. but thank god it ‘s going well
  • there’s some familiar faces like SMA Hira Students, and Raudhatus Sakinah people. They still remember me.. hehe.
  • The demonstrators and i think they ( demonstrators ) hv to eat nasik bungkus. Suprisingly, they got free table + free tshirt.
  • Delios act as a giant PSP. there’s a giant psp and gian umd. poor delios the technical problem there.. problem swicthcing with VGA oiasdhasjdhaksjeqiw… worst of it. delios cant synchro with Composite cable and render it useless.. thanks to Chris, the confetti-lighting man that put illusions to the PSP.. haha.
  • 1 May will be known as the Raise Day. ( kah kah kah )
  • Thanks to delios, freya, curry the cat, 3 ragnarok babes,nuanawa ( aussie clock la ) 1511 kombat and eye mo. it’s just the item on my desk and the pc and the lcd. ( how psychotic )
  • Verily, thanks to all IU Dinner Committee. great job last night.
  • High Special thanks to sabau, yap, paie. geng tocang means a lot to me.
  • extra special thanks to syed and ayuni. for bring me along to meet those sponsors. they train me to present the Raise Project.
  • double special thanks to those who help with translation with al-quran for psp. Bureau of information & Promotion, Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya. Liyana, Farah, Shah, Wahab, Ika, Rassul.
  • triple special thanks to The Raise Comrades. Mawaddah, Shareena, Paie, Allia n Najib.
  • Quadruple thanks to 2 persons, in the early of AL-Quran for PSP development, for the cheers, and the another one is for supporting this project, giving the meaningful words to me. you know who you are.
  • Countless thanks to Allah S.W.T, for giving me the strength to do this.. and the second is my family. Im going back to home after this :)

r3.jpg cimg0067.jpg r4.jpg p1110179.JPG r10.jpg cimg00622.jpg

For all photos on that night related with PSP Demonstrators.. click here

There’s one quote in this book, Flash 8 : Scripted Animation that is quite… touching.. as for me la. The author dedicate his work to his wife and his daughter.

To Kazumi and Kristine that always saw my back silhouetted by the PC during the writing of this book, okay now lets go to the park!

Feeling lost whenever i remember this quote v_v. I’ve always dedicated my job/work for someone but now.. for this time, there’s no one.

There’s only one/two weeks before FYP final presentation. and i need to run, run more faster.

Currently listening to countless times of Howling & Innocent Sorrow : Abingdon Boys School. Fast dramatic energetic tempo. Im not the big fans of J-rock music but this will be lifetime favorite. 😀

May 2007

9 Responses to : IU Dinner & The Raise Launching Recap!

  1. sue says:

    cet nama aku tadek.. sorry dude, ku sgt2 busy, hanya boleh berchatting yg penting2.. tu pon yg penting2 kadang2 tak layan.. AGM baru abis, i have tonnes of reports to submit, my final exam is just around the corner, really i dun even have time to shop ok??

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sorry sue… forget about you.. but neway the theme for the next release is not pink.. so wait for it another year okay.. 😛

  3. sue says:

    slalu lupa aku.. cett.. malas nk layan ko dah..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    err kenkadang lupe la 😛 but those 3 hours i still remember ahahaha

  5. sue says:

    what 3 hours?

  6. xsan says:

    ahahha padi kene buli..
    pastu kene boo lak..
    ahaha nice job bro!

  7. faiz says:

    event yg paling aku ingat sampai bila-bila.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    sue – i’ve told you
    xsan – thx.. weh tade wakil polytech pun
    paie – hehe ingat2 gak nasib baik dah submit theme utk no 4 😛

  9. xsan says:

    aaa aku wakil dah ler.. ;p…
    psp lecture aku rosak ler..
    dua2 lak tuh..
    brick kot..

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