The end of my studies in Multimedia University Cyberjaya, Degree in Creative Multimedia, Majoring in Digital Media. Well i hope i can score in my accounting/management/economics paper ahaha so can graduate.

Actually quite aimless and have no idea of what i should wrote. but anyway farewell to you guys. some will be a designer, some will be a copywriter, some will be an instructional designer, some might be a president, somebody want to further their studies, somebody gonna make a film, somebody gonna be someone, somebody will getting married, somebody will waiting another partner to ask for marriage, someone might still in mmu further their studies and whatever you’ll be tomorrow just dont forget our memories in mmu fcm for 4 years.

not enough sleep, sharing arcylics, asking to cutting the paper, going to pangkor beach, going photoshoot together, sharing/joining same room to do works, remember the Alpha Gay Bar located at hostel below surau, ( don’t get me wrong, it’s gay because it’s happy and all of us were male because male hostel ), get rejected by che mat, playing mmu intranet online games such as ragnarok, diablo, counterstrike, lineage. oh well.. it’s just a memory now.

So guys, FCM-ers 2003 and also to direct intake students on 2004, farewell and good luck.

I’m off for HSBC Friends of Future camp for 4 days at Tanjung Rhu, Selangor. It’s not a vacation, my last event as photographer, multimedia coordinator for SIFE MMU.

Since we’re still not graduating, singing Vitamin C : Graduation is a taboo you know.. ahaha.

P/S : For DM students who are interested to make a courseware as their starting career, kindly message me. Big, VERY BIG, client awaits you. :) Booked already

P P/S : Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable Version 1.00 released. clicky!

May 2007

22nd years old

As usual, happy birthday to me. Not going home because of FYP. haih. but eversince i was a kid, my birthday is a day where students will hv mid-year exam so it’s not a big deal. Sharing birthyday with several people i know. Logan Saravanan ( sekolah rendah, another smarty pants, rivals ), Lau Bee Yee where we already in the same university same faculty for 4 years but only talk each other on our birthday ( itupun friendster only hahahahaha ), Wawazuka kawan najlaa wahida kelas 10 mrsm taiping ( sori tak ingat nama sebenar ). and also 19 may is the day of the last film of star wars.

It was suppose to be a public release date for al-Quran for PSP. but several mistakes occured. have to delay it. so instead i give the visitors the raise montage. click here to watch it.

Thanks for the wish dear friends. I really, really really appreaciate it. Here’s some i dont know what to say about it. coz this stuff maybe true or maybe completely false. yet this stuff also made some people too obses with it and take it seriously. I dont want you guys to take it seriously but i also ponder if i do carry these traits. A dr fadzillah kamsah research for 25 years.


  • – Keras hati dan degil [ ya see this forehead, it’s big ]
  • – Semangat dan bermotivasi tinggi [ unsure, ]
  • – Pandai menarik hati orang lain dan menarik perhatian [ i have phoebe (psp) with loco roco,, ya im pretty sure about this )
  • – Berfikiran tajam (it kills someone before, my sharp-razor mind)
  • – Mudah marah apabila tidak dikawal ( most of time, i hide it )
  • – Perasaan yang amat mendalam ( kinda true )
  • – Cantik dari segi fizikal dan mental ( im fat so this is a big no. mentally yes )
  • – Tidak perlu dimotivasikan ( well kinda also )
  • – Tetap pendirian tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain ( not dipengaruhi.. it’s mengalah in my dictionary )
  • – Mudah dipujuk ( yes please )
  • – Bersikap sistematik (otak kiri) ( verily )
  • – Suka berangan ( highly true )
  • – Kuat daya firasat(memahami apa yang terlintas dihati orang lain tanpa diberitahu) ( sometimes yes sometimes no someties really donno )
  • – Bahagian telinga dan leher mudah diserang penyakit ( you can see it )
  • – Daya khayalan yang tinggi ( verily, i see things 20 years ahead )
  • – Pandai berdebat ( i think it’s crapping/deejaying )
  • – Bentuk fizikal yang baik dan menarik ( unsure, maybe you can tell me )
  • – Kelemahan sistem pernafasan ( used to, not anymore )
  • – Suka sastera, seni dan muzik serta melancong ( sastera a bit,, seni well if seni melukis is a big no, travelling yes [ what on earth a navigator doesnt like travelling? ] )
  • – Tidak berapa suka duduk dirumah ( unsure )
  • – Tak mempunyai ramai anak ( i dont know, im single and available )
  • – Tak boleh duduk diam ( true )
  • – Rajin dan bersemangat tinggi ( there’s an idioms from my chinese friend. = smart people are lazy, they find a smart way to complete their job )
  • – Agak boros ( nolah.. all hv purposes lalalala )

In the next 10 years old, who am i?

Congratulations to rahmat and najib, both successfully enter Film & Animation. Read their previous sad story here


[ Najib , Raise Animator ; Rahmat , roomate + Raise PA ; Delios – Dell WFP 2407 ]

Good luckFinal Year Student, Majoring Digital Media, this is SPARTAAAA!!

Song of the moment = Good Luck : Basement Jaxx feat Lisa Kekaula [ Appleseed OST ]

May 2007
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FASN8 – Fascinate + Selamat Hari Guru

Firstly. Happy Teachers Day!!.. Selamat Hari Guru!!

Teringat satu puisi kat dinding tangga sekolah kebangsaan taman kosas

Nasib baik hari sabtu lepas pergi ambik anom kat sekolah, nampak ustazah supinah je. tp tak sempat tegur. dan juga satu puisi yg terletak didinding tangga.. mungkin sudah dicat semula. tapi inilah puisinya.. hasil nukilan usman awang tak silap

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta
Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara
Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia
Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara
Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka
Jika hari ini siapa saja menjadi dewasa;
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa
Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.

Terima kasih buat cikgu zaini, pn norhaslinda, pn mazlinda, pn halimah, pn mariah ( you push me hard to become scientist, sorry today im not anymore, but i promise the spirit of exploring things will remain ), pn mastura, ust azhar, ustz saprah, ustz supinah, ust norazman, and my more in primary school,sek keb lembah jaya, sek keb taman kosas, and also sek rendah agama lembah jaya. ( ust = ustaz/ male islamic teacher, ustz= ustazah/female islamic teahcer)

Sek Agama Menengah Batu 10 ( hulu langat : SAMTEN ) : cikgu abul, en fakhrul, ust hasmuri, ust basri, en zaini, pn zubaidah, Pn Halimi, en ramlan, ( alamak muka ingat… nama tak ingat dah – bahana photomemory ).

MRSM Taiping : Cik Saadah ( dah jumpa dah lelaki terer maths? dah kawin ker belum ? ) . en zakir, pn kamisah, Pn Therah, Pn Salmiah, en abdullah, pn chan mei yoke, en fauzi, ( selalu marah aku time kelas macromedia authorware.. katanya aku memandai jer kerjanye, baju lengan kena butang ), en ridzuan, Pn nasrin, pn rohani, ( time kelas biologi dulu aku kena marah sbb kat tangan aku kiri kanan budak kelas ambik 5 sampel darah.. dak dak pompuan takut cucuk darah ), Ustz monaliza, ust naza: advisor kltower: mini thesis, en idi dan en khairul anuar.. ( he vial he! – lagu ragbi lupedah ) [ nasib baik ade website dpt gak email derang utk email dihari guru nih ] hoho.

4 days more before FYP presentation. and i just wanted to share this. AMD ( Advanced Micro Device ) , oh in case you still dont know, AMD is the second CPU manufacturer after the biggest intel. This news released yesterday. AMD in on the way to produce it’s Quad-core system. wait.. it’s a quad core. here let me conlude this

8 Chip OMG! and if you still didnt know wtf is this. it’s like having a V8 engine on a car. nuff said for more info google please. here’s an excerpt of news taken from lowyat.net : Malaysia’s Tech Enthusiast Resource Community

In a demonstration in San Francisco, AMD previewed an eight-core platform, codenamed “FASN8,” pronounced “fascinate,” to show the first AMD silicon-based next-generation eight-core platform. The demonstration platform includes two true quad-core AMD Phenom processors, the new DirectX 10 ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, as well as an upcoming AMD next-generation, high-performance chipset, due in the second half of 2007. This platform illustrates AMD’s leadership in developing a single solution with increased levels of integration to boost real-world performance.

For enthusiasts who demand cutting-edge performance on their system, AMD Phenom FX processors are designed for systems that offer extreme megatasking capabilities.

Full lowyat news here

Okeh.. masuk list hantaran. hahahahhahahah Freya pun masih single core lagik.. hai. I’m not a hardcore fan of AMD, i just want to share this news :) but buying this whole new system requires a major hardware changes to freya. from cpu, motherboard, DDR2 Ram, PCIE Graphic card and in addition, better casing with better airflow, high powered power supply ( now using Acbel Ipower 450 true power ) and also a decent speaker at least. my speaker, next year, will be 10 years serving his duties loyally.

back to work.. again.

Song at the time > What I’ve Done : Linkin Park ( Minutes to Midnight ) P/s : aiseh lagu kantoi time tengah curik tulang tulis blog.

May 2007
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Tired, but this is the last run, this, the last hurdle. seems longer than before, longer than previous² assignment and i realize i’m pretty ( carutan ) up here. As my previous entry stated, i already start running but it’s just too many roadblocks after that. Not to mention, get summoned bcoz of speeding. Speeding while running, running towards a better destiny pun kena saman.

Another 8 days and it’ll be the presentation of final year project. This fyp is the beginning of an unknown journey after this.

good luck everyone on finals and presentations.

Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth was too addictive. harammmmmmmmm

Everyday sleeping for only 4-5 hours since last 2 month. even today on the weekend. my body start to feel kebas kebas. i remember one day im holding phoebe and i thought it’s my eyes were moving, cant focus, but it’s my hand shivering like a Parkinson patient. Rahmat said it’s bcoz of not enuf sleep and that im too young to hv Parkinson. I think i shud get some Pentazemin from Solid Snake after this. A breakfast with orange juice and gardenia choc bites was so refreshing. Thanks to my food consultant for the suggestion. I mean i didnt sleep after Subuh ( dawn prayer ). So orange juice was a best replacement other than Nescafe rich. In return, more money spend on the food. Equivalent trade.

Rahmat request for a Zaman Buangan Entry last 4 months, later will wrote about it. Surviving hardship and dark era of cyberjaya.

Mum, happy mothers day. I know you didnt read my blog. I intentionally came home yesterday even you said didnt hv to becoz u know im busy. it’s because i want you to cut my hair. And i miss home so much. You’ve always ask me if i want a bento before going back to cyberjaya. One day you wake me up and told me to go to sleep becoz I’m always sleeping at chair in front of pc that time during the busy telekom courseware. The next day you saw me again like that and you bring a blanket to cover me up. You’ve always know where i misplaced my stuff ( my photo memory doesn’t work at home, too much stuff remembered. ) and always sew clothes for hari raya. Up until now i didnt know how much i’m able to repay your kindness and love. But mum, happy mothers day. /lv

Song at the moment : Menanti Sebuah Jawaban, Padi. ( v_v )

May 2007
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10 days more~

it’s 10 days more before Artlebedev open their Optimus Maximus keyboard pre-order. Within this 10 days, please go find money and buy it for me :)

the funny thing about this picture is when you click it, it linked to the picture and the filename of this picture was OMG.jpg hahahahahahha. i think artlebedev already know ppl will go OMG WTH with this keyboard.

Those Russians were so ( insert hiperbola words, extreme exaggeration here, ) good. Gila punya otak. I mean their ideas somewhat simple but sometimes was verily extremely extraordinary. If you follow the Life & Incredible Adventures of Optimus Keyboards, you’ll understand why this keyboard sold at high price. but

1.5k USD x 4 ( easy fast calculation ) = RM 6K , OMGWTHBBQ I just shipped my pants to pluto ( this is a proud geek proverbs )

I thought I can have it as for hantaran what, but at that price, better i ask for nintendo Wii or PS3. Cheaper. haih.

The new star glimmers on the sky = The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable :)

Ok back to work. Satay-day Night Fever. hai api bakar sate.. keluarlaaaaaaaaaa

Song at the moment = Susumu Hirasawa : The Girl in Byakkoya ( Paprika OST ) P/S : sape koya? hahaha

Update – I’ve just watched Darker Than Black 05 : pretty interesting that Kirihara Misaki working with contractors. i thought that she hate contractors. As usual, Kirihara Misaki so kawaii desune.


I want to go to japan to find someone like her and get to know her and date her and marry her and bring her to malaysia or anywhere she want and have her cook takoyaki, sushi,  onigiri, teppanyaki, ikan tenggiri, ayam masak kari, daging kari, minum kopi, makan roti, makan mekdi, makan kepci, and want to watch movies together and play nintendo wii or ps3 or psp with her and lying on the greeny grass on the sunny day with her and go everywhere together and have her comfort me during my work and take care of her when she sick or pregnant and have 2-4 kids together and going back to japan every 6 month to visit her parents ( or maybe bring them here to malaysia ) and go picnic every 2 week together with kids and sending kids to school with her and having vacation together and going to groceries together and going to lowyat together and organizing The Raise Project together and outing taking pictures with her and going to mrsm, samten, primary school with her and going Hajj with her and do things that she love together and spending quality time with her and so much with her. ( How psychotic i am this night /swt !!0_O )

May 2007
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