Aussie clock & Choc Chip Muffin

urm it’s like.. 4 days i didnt update the blog. yah i think i’ll be in the tedious moment i ever had in univ life. The sponsorship team of IU dinner said I’ll be meeting sony guys maybe tomorrow. last few days have been busy searching for the project sponsor. the project that i lead needs money to make the public aware of it. all hell break loose this whole week till 1 may.

but still. want to steal some time before i steal the limelight. congratulations to nuaym and nawwar that hv become husband and wife. and that they gave me this.. lovely aussie clock. hohooo. now i hv to make myself punctual.. i wonder what name i shud gave to this clock. maybe nuanawa. first becoz it sounds like aussie tribe shouting huga huga. hahahah


next is elia send me her choc chip muffin cake to make the food review of it.. well this is the first picture.


click read more to view more. with more picture.

my first impression upon this chocolate chip muffin is they sure like all ordinary muffins.I’m dead wrong. the base is butter muffin. and topped with a lots of choc chips. i Got 2 sample from elia and packed inside plastic bag.


the muffin size is around the standard cupcakes. it’s not as bing as gerdenia muffins. The calitan coklat chip on the bag really shows that this muffins are homemade. below are the comparison of the size of the muffins with other items i owned. this is to ensure you can assume how big the muffin was.


frontview altogether with nokia torchlight, kimono paperdoll and reviving eye-mo for swollen eyes at night.


aerial view.

The muffins, however was very soft and fluffy. this is the proof of the food that was baked homemade. some food are made not too soft, making it firm to ensure the shape of the food while transported it. I know la coz my mom said that pinapple tarts that was soft and fluffy is usualy a homemade one. if they sell that one, it will tear and break during deliveries. the muffin was very soft andfluff, and have a lot of choc chips.


The fluffyness of the muffins.

The muffins really topped with a lot of chocolate chips. i forgot to made a count test on the choc chips but this pic below will show you just how many of the choc chips above the muffin. The choc chips also “telah dipanaskan sedikit” making it easier to melt inside your mouth. standard choc chips are hard, frozen inside. so by pre-heat the choc chips will made it melt inside your mouth, like eating famous amos cookies. firm but easy to melt.




so i really recommend this muffins to you dear readers. get it fast. the only drawback i afraid of this muffin is they cant survive long. please put in the fridge to ensure their lifespan. preheat to make it soft again. but with that kind of fluffyness and moist of the muffin itself, sure cepat berkulat kalau tak makan cepat. harga tak ingat .. tapi utk maklumat lanjut YM = elia_juaini

updated = price : 1:rm1, 6:rm5, 12:rm10

No songs. as i was too busy with my works.

Apr 2007
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27 Responses to : Aussie clock & Choc Chip Muffin

  1. sarakay says:

    mak aih. banyak betul angle gambar choc chip…

  2. chapan says:

    betul ke sedap? ape kate kau mintak sample lagi satu utk aku try 😀

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    sarakay – sebab banyak betul choc chip dari yg aku jual dulu time cyberP.. sedap same sedap gak.. cume lagi enjoy sbb choc chip dia macam melt.. muffin choc chip time cyberP dulu dia nye choc chip EMBED ( istilah designer hahahah )

    chapan – betul sedap. aku bajt tak sedap sbb dia butter.. ingatkan muffin base dia coklat.. tp last sekali dia jadik neutral antara choc chip tuh ngan muffin base. samplle.. ehehe mintak elia la.. takpun beli terus.. tp cecepat beli kat dia.. sbb agak moist cake neh tuh fluffy tuh..

  4. Ida says:

    Ni akak yg buat muffin tu. Muffin ni bleh disimpan at least 1 wk pada suhu bilik & boleh trus dimkn begitu shj. Kalo nk order go thru Elia yek…

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    oo eh… okok.. tapi takut gak semut hurung.. bes gak akak buat.. dia bebetul melt.. akak tak buat tempahan ker?

  6. Ida says:

    Ni br nk promote kt org la ni utk ambik tempahan. Dulu2 buat mkn sendiri jee..skrg ni jee br nk try market.

  7. Dhaniah says:

    mak aih. besar2 chocolate chip dia.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    ida — ooohhh

    dhaniah — haa besa kan.. gih beli kat elia

  9. bucik says:

    aku teringin nk beli muffin ni
    tp aku nk order ngn elia je leh?
    die comei mcm muffin:)

  10. Ida says:

    Akak nk deliver muffin Jumaat (27/4) ni kt Elia sbb ade org order. Sape2 yg nk order lagi sila bg nama pada Elia by today gak. Thx.

  11. Dh rasa dh muffin tu hasil pemberian percuma drp Muffin Boy. Overall sedap jugaklah, agak lembut…Komen drp Muffin Monster
    1) Kalau based muffin tu dpt diletak perisa coklat pun sedap
    2) Perbanyakkan flavor2 baru e.g. capucinno, mocca, vanila, pisang e.g. Kenny Rogers…
    3) Bleh explore letak kismis kt dlm muffin tu…

  12. elia says:

    beli2 hr jumaat ni…kalo nk bli tgh2 mlm pun xpe…mesti korang kelaparan…beli cepat…blom cube blom tau… die lagik sedap dr mufin keny rogers tu…kalo laku yg choc chip ni barulah bole buat flava lain…..cpt2…jgn takat bg kuming je kt sni….beli trus suda

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    bucik – order je kat elia.

    muffin monster – waw kismis dlm muffin.. interesting 😀

    elia – nak rasa ‘flavert’medialab leh tak ? 😛

  14. Ida says:

    Kalo sape2 nk lain2 flavor bleh request for special arrangement. i.e : orange, kiwi, choc, blueberry.. Kalo ade org order, bleh je buat..

  15. ikhwan nazri says:

    kak.. biar betik… KIWI?? camne tuh?? ade buat hirisan kiwi pulak ker? tangkap la gambar send.. send sample pun leh jer hihhih

  16. chapan says:

    aku nak free sample.

  17. elia says:

    capan…free sample dh abis tekong mkn…aku bg kt die free sample sbb die nk promote….kalo ko nk belila satu dlu….kalo rs sedap bli lg…

    sape2 nk flava2 lain tu bole tp kne oder byk2…kalo takat satu…ssh sket nk wat…sekian~~~marilah meng-order

  18. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku nak flavour flavert medialab.. perisa flavertmedialab adelah coklat + blueberry pastuh tambah pinapple sekali.. hehe

  19. Ida says:

    ikhwan : Kiwi tu base dia rasa kiwi la tp xde toping sbb dlm dia mmg da ade serpihan2 kiwi. Sample..nnt le akak ambik gambar dulu.
    Uish..kalo choc+blubery+nenas..ape rasanye?%&
    chapan : asik nk free je..try le satu pasti nk 10..hehe
    P/S : Khamis ni ade delivery lg. Pls order dgn Elia comey!!! Hurry…

  20. Mis says:

    Mak ai cantik sungguh angel muffin tu ya….tak nak share resipinya ke…………..!!!!

  21. ikhwan nazri says:

    Mis – err bukan saya yg buat.. saya tukang review jerr… ahaha. tukang buat adelah kak Ida .. contact dia kat sini

  22. elia says:

    kalo korang nk oder cpt2…kamis ni ade delivery lg..kalo korang nk flava lain sile request dlu nnt aku tny kakak aku leh wat ke x…stakat ni yg available choc chip, pisang dan capucino…harga cam biase

  23. Hasnah Mohamad says:

    Saya nak tanya berapa harga muffin yg kosong. tak nak choclate chips. please e-mail to me asap.


  24. Ida says:

    Hasnah : Bleh bg ur email add?

  25. Ida says:

    Announcement!! New flava available for order. Pls visit my newly created web

  26. xsan says:

    muffin ni nk cabar chips more ke? 😛

  27. Joyce says:

    Looks more like a chocolate chip cupcake….

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