Mukhayyam Tarbawi ’07

Quick updates… just now coming back from Mukhayyam Tarbawi. A leadership camping that was organized by Usrah Institution every year to train and nurture their future leaders.


As usual, like previous year, Im there as a photographer(click here will lead you to the last year mukhayyam tarbawi) but what’s sweet is that i manage to take all of the pictures using manual focus. i set myself a challenge, that is to take pictures wihout relying on autofocus. the results were brilliant.. despite the picture of day one excersize in morning turn out quite bad because im still not used with it.. but at the end of the camping and now, i can see the result of my training, the manual focus speedmaster challenge.

800 pictures, 2 days. one great training. hehe.

i didnt hv any night pictures because i didnt manage to get any canon series speedlite. haih.

thanks to syawal and linda sha for their spare battery, kassim for his lovely biggie Compact flash card, Hana for her superb-heavenly zoom lens 90mm-300mm, and lastly sabau for not using that eos 300d camera.. sigh i shud get my own camera. ~_~

here are the links.. on the fotopages.. there is 60 picture manipulated and edited with photoshop.. as for full collection, iu members, ym me or leave me a comment.

Fakerama.fotopages ( 30 pictures, photoshopped )

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Urusetia

Hehe so click the links.. and for IU members mukhtar participants.. say thanks by fill up the advertlets suvey on the right hand side and also click once at the nuffnang ad ok.. thx in advance. I was too tired to talk about the camping.. later on yah.

Songs for the moment = City ofBlinding Lights : U2

Apr 2007

2 Responses to : Mukhayyam Tarbawi ’07

  1. Hana says:

    Hana for his superb-heavenly zoom lens 90mm-300mm? at least get my gender right. 😛 and your welcome to use the lens anytime.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sorry girl.. now i got your gender alright.. hahahahahahahahha.

    about last time you’ve commented me that im not shaking when using the lens.. on the last day… my hand were shaken.. maybe because not enuf sleep.. or soon-to-be parkinson.. hope not -_-

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