Al-Quran for PSP Launching

As the title stated, here i would like to invite all the readers to join this charity dinner and also witness the launching of Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable.


clicking here or on the image will lead you to their website.

For anyone who have psp. i need your help to be a demonstrator. the briefing on the task of the demonstrator you can found it here. as i also need around 40++ people with psp to demonstrate to audience that night.but more will be better. On that night, we’re going to present and demosntrate the islamic content for psp, which is the raise, islamic psp magazine, raise PSP Cast, a psp-cast by Ummah films, and Al-Quran For PlayStation Portable.

and for bloggers or anyone who want to help this promotion. please put the image below to anywhere forum u join ok.. thx.


Song for the time = Here it Goes Again : OK Go! ( Oh No )

Apr 2007

6 Responses to : Al-Quran for PSP Launching

  1. chapan says:

    weh aku malas nak download gamba pastu upload balik pastu buat post.. aku nak hotlink dari site kau bole? kalau bole, nanti stret aku buat. 😀 and pasal dinner tu brp hengget aa? mcm nak pegi plak.. alang2 fcm nite takde.. bleh tgk2 psp jadah launch tu sume ..

  2. chapan says:

    ha lagi satu kau taip ni mesti time mengantuk pasal typo bersepah2. bwahahhaha

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    bole bole.. tuh akt situ bukan ade harga ke tuh.. RM50..

    aku tak nampak typo aku.. atau skang aku tengah overdrive ( sleepwalking mode )

  4. faiz says:

    chapan…aku dengaq ura2 depa nak wat delta night…..

  5. mohdismail says:

    Al-Quran untuk PSP … mentarek!


  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    faiz = celah mane? :(

    mohdismail = yaaa mentarekkk…. mohdismail ade psp gak kah? kalau ade mehla join.. join team nasik bungkus pun bule

    patut cam familiar.. direviewkan juga di advertlets.. hehe

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