Ayam 30, Daging 30

Bang, saya nak ayam 30, daging 30, tambah sekali ketupat ngan bawang timun jangan lupa pulak yer. Haa tambah perut 10 cucuk. Kasi hangit sket.


High Speed Cooking Action!!

Will hit MMU in one and a half months from now, if I still alive LOL 😛

Much inspired alongside the Bono U2 energetic action in beautiful day mtv’s. Inspiration comes from many, but mainly from the game that i’ve played before. Have to present 80-100% this thursday and im not even reaching 60% by now.. haih. This friday have to release the Raise #3. Still didnt wrote the article to submit to my excellent grammar-english-checker and still didnt arrange the content given by two excellent authors. wohohoo. but Muslim kena cemerlang betul tak ? :)

Visit sabau new works that was hosted under flavertmedialab. The wedding of Nuaym Budiman and Nawwar Husna. Buat website kahwin lagi jimat dari buat 1000 kad jemputan. buat kad jemputan hanya untuk saudara mara terdekat ngan orang tua yg kurang arif pasal teknologi dlm 200-300 keping sudah. nih zaman tenet. haha. sape nak kahwin pastuh nak hostkan website aku kasik free selagi korang berumur bawah 25 tahun ( promote kahwin muda ). tp hosting jer aa.. design, nak suruh kitorang.. ofkos dengan ongkosnya.. hehe.

added one blog, shahrir or known as elfreakz. a cat lover. visit his website here.

Song for the time = The Way You look Tonight : Michael Buble

Apr 2007

7 Responses to : Ayam 30, Daging 30

  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    commen nih ade bug ker?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    oke comment nih tade bug

  3. sue says:

    to submit to my excellent grammar-english-checker ===> ceeeeeetttttttttttttt

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    really aaaa :)

  5. Tatiana says:

    cute la your poster, hahaha.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha thx.. but urs wud be more cuter la.. coz u hv pictoplasma ahahah

  7. fuad says:

    aku menunggu game ko! dem rasa nak makan satay plak, lama dah tak makan.

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