Hi readers. I wonder if you do notice something upside at the bar links[ want 50 ringgit ? ]. But i think not since my wordpress slimstat plugin didnt trace much activities for that link. it’s ok.. i introduce again. Behold, for malaysians bloggers, ADVERTLETS!! hoyeh!


long story cut short. it’s like google adsense but is far more better because it’s created by malaysians, for malaysians. read that exclusive page review to viewl all the wonders about it and dont forget to fill in the survey. alternatively, you can see a small cute blue survey at my right sidebar. not so long after i make a review of advertlets, they credited… RM 50!


here are the references 

So be fast dear readers. by this time i think it’s safe to assume there are left 200 places for you to get RM 50. fast fast register. click here to get information about it.


DM classmates that were hungry that morning enjoying their Fat Rice ( Nasi Lemak ) after the class. From right : Chapan, Sidek, Nabil, tokey strawberry amin, dan duduk kat lantai adelah kambing, atau nama manjenye bumbum. hahah

Next week gonna be very busy like packmule. the presentation that was suppose to be on yesterday has been postponed to next thursday as for me lah, my turn. and also release for the raise 3rd edition. this week we’re just finished selling our products for CyberP subject. the flozen soya was a blast. ( it’s frozen but i cant speak “R” properly ). not to mention the sales of muffin were fast.

So expect maybe less updates for next week. haih and to add more that just now sabau gave me Metal Gear Solid, PS1 to play with Phoebe. Procrastinate mode enabled.

Song for the day = There She Goes : Sixpence None The Richer

Apr 2007

5 Responses to : Heso!

  1. feldspar says:

    fat rice? apakah…. ^^;;

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    nasi lemak la weh.. hahahahhaha

  3. frah says:

    muahaha..xleh sebut huruf ‘r’ juga rupanye~

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