Strawberry Ice-Cream and Roti Naik!! [ CyberP Stall ]

I’m suppose to update this yesterday but since yesterday i was struggling again in doing FYP projects which suppose to be presented today, only to know that the presentation was cancelled again for 5 times. I just dont know what happen. and if im going to explain the situation i’ll endup cursing this whole post. full of those words that kids should never listen to.

this week will be a busy week. ( macam la sebelum neh tapena bz ) . as a subject required in our whole degree, cyberpreneurship is one required subject to grad. cutely known as cyberP ( saibepi ) , this subject requires the creative multimedia students to learn a bit of marketing, how to sell product as you able to sell ideas on presentation ( not selling body, selling ideas lah ). so we’ve divided into groups. our group name is buyung and dulang. and we’ve selling Strawberry Ice cream ( real strawberry all the way from cameron highlands mind you ), Muffins ( chocolate n vanilla ) and also Soya bean ( frozen and serve chilled ). The stall will be open until this friday so dont miss out of what we sell.


So now you’re drooling over this heavenly strawberry putted on top with strawberry syrup bathing the vanilla ice cream? Click more and you’ll want one tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and tomorrow after tomorrow.

Click more eh.. still got a lots of picture hehehehe


So the heavenly strawberry is our signature food at our stall. the strawberry was freshly picked by Amin’s family, who has a strawberry farm at cameron highland. The strawberry and the strawberry syrup also was made by his family. There’s also strawberry jam available for sale. The price of strawberry ice cream with bread is RM 2, while for cone is just only RM 1 but only with strawberry syrup top up above it. We’re also selling Frozen and chilled Soya Bean for RM 1.50 and Home Made Muffins for RM 1 only. There’s a difference between frozen and chilled SOya bean. Frozen means the soiya bean is in Ice. it’s frozen and you can shake it. not to mention it’ll keep your soya bean more cooler. There are two flavors for home made muffins that is vanilla and chocolate

picture bombardment.


Chocolate Muffin


Vanilla Muffin


all of our products..

and another one think that’s unique at this cyberp stall is Roti Naik. not to mention they even made a movie advertisement to promote in mmu intranet torrent sharing site. Here are the picture of the famous roti naik ( click here and the picture will open thier website )


see.. for just 60 cent, you’ll able to eat a small bun that is as tasty as KFC small bun.. ahaha. but this one more keng and tasty while it’s still hot.

there’s a other group that selling various products such as Aidi & miki group with their tshirts, Fuad and Syazwan for their roti naik, Rizal & Kassim for their rojak and keropok lekor, Allia and Syida selling their cupcakes, kerepeks, and also zaff selling popia.

it’s good to see these youngsters ( macam la aku tua ) to involve in money making business. Afterall, Rasulullah (PBUH) Advise and persuade muslims to join in marketing/be an entreprenuer. So it’s good to see them working like this, away from their pc for a bit and involve in selling and socializing with people. My future planning also is to join in this mini business, simple business like selling Nasi Lemak or Roti John to get extra money. Ever since i worked as partime and cashier at Shakey’s Pizza Ampang Point, I cant help that i develop a small interest to participate in food industry. But you know, people around sometimes belittle your ambitions, and your interest.

The meaning is let say one time you’re meeting your old friend and they said, ” what? you’re selling nasik lemak right now? Can’t you get a proper job?” . Hoh, wth. No dont misunderstood i didnt sell nasik lemak la wei but sometimes, people malaysians didnt respect another person career. You know sometimes how people treated the lower people. We can see easily when one waiter do some mistakes and they got blamed all the way and all over the hall able to hear the angered person scolding the unlucky waiter that-wait-for-spm-result. ( again this is not me at shakeys ) . It’s not that customer cant complain but please, be polite. they deserve the respect as they’re working so hard.

Here’s something that i would like to share.

In Japan, it is amazing to see how their lives are centered around perfection. The Tea Ceremony is one such example. We also see perfection in how they treat their jobs or careers. Walk up to the cashier to pay, everything is perfected to the point you receive your goods. The bus boy, who carries bags to the bus, has the full respect of the bus driver. When they meet, they bow to each other, with utmost respect. I have to do my job well, for you to do your job well – this is in their hearts.

So we still left 3 days to finish selling our products. I hope all of my groupmates and also nearby groups that selling the products to work hard to get the customers. Sape tanak untung? dont do this just for the sake of assignments. enjoy your job. enjoy your life. ( wah gile a aku berfalsampahs )

and lastly for the readers, come visit our stall, and enjoy the heavenly strawberry ice-creamy. and view the photos for this 2 days of our selling here.. down below hereeeeee

the picture all taken by phoebe’s chotto shot

Song for the day = U2 : Beautiful Day

Apr 2007

4 Responses to : Strawberry Ice-Cream and Roti Naik!! [ CyberP Stall ]

  1. chandan says:

    i want farm fresh strawberry in tonnes

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    chandan – u sure? i can give u the contact person for fresh strawberry

  3. nazareena says:

    hi nazri…..really appreciate if you could give me contact number and contact person for muffin. I’m looking that muffin for my bro wedding. please do contact me at 013-3945347 (naza).

  4. Anaz says:

    Hi Nazri…
    How do I get the strawberry jam? How much does it costs?
    You can sms me @ 017-2082705

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