Living in an Unusual, Complex Country

Exhausted from studies, ( it aint studies, i just merely read the questions and the answer and get the idea behind it ), i surf my friendster and found out interesting bulletin from Asmahanna Abd Wahab ( wah nama penuh tuh ), friend from primary school till samten, before we part as i go to mrsm and i dunno where did she go, but now in france.. She found an exceprt from bernama, whic is, so true that i want to share with you. The bolded word is the core points, the bolded and italicized text are extremely critical points, while my points is like this [ yah so true – tekong ]


Malaysia An Unusal * Complex Country, Says Prof Khoo.

By Wan A Hulaimi

LONDON, April 14 (Bernama) – A veteran Malaysian academician has described his country as “very unusual and so complex” before an audience of British Muslims.

“Malaysia is truly Asia”, Emeritus Professor of History, Datuk Dr Khoo Kay Kim said in an interview-discussion which was part of the weekly event of the London City Circle Islamic group, when asked the question if there were lessons to be learnt from the role of Islam in Malaysia’s plural society.

“It is not that we don’t have problems. We do have problems but they stem from misunderstandings not hatred,” he said.

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Apr 2007

Beta Tester Needed – Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable

It’s a cold morning in MMU Cyberjaya. All people sleeping.. A bit rainy just now. But here i am.. still not sleeping from last night. the Chicken Lemon pasta at hb 3 was very juicy and delicious.. and oily too..

Sucessfully finished the application. but need people to try it.. and if you want to try it, you have to have a PSP, and also have to say that you want the application at comments below. this is for me to keep track with the beta testers. what they think and so on. ok to ppl who hvor fren that hv psp.. come try this application. thx in advance.

I want to sleep for 3 hours.. later yah.

Song for the day = Need for Speed : Paul Oakenfold

Apr 2007

Aussie clock & Choc Chip Muffin

urm it’s like.. 4 days i didnt update the blog. yah i think i’ll be in the tedious moment i ever had in univ life. The sponsorship team of IU dinner said I’ll be meeting sony guys maybe tomorrow. last few days have been busy searching for the project sponsor. the project that i lead needs money to make the public aware of it. all hell break loose this whole week till 1 may.

but still. want to steal some time before i steal the limelight. congratulations to nuaym and nawwar that hv become husband and wife. and that they gave me this.. lovely aussie clock. hohooo. now i hv to make myself punctual.. i wonder what name i shud gave to this clock. maybe nuanawa. first becoz it sounds like aussie tribe shouting huga huga. hahahah


next is elia send me her choc chip muffin cake to make the food review of it.. well this is the first picture.


click read more to view more. with more picture.

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Apr 2007
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Raise #3 Released

This week and the next week and the week after the next week will be terribly busy. IU dinner in less than 10 days. Al-Quran for PSP in less than 10 days also. DM assignment also. haha.. digging my own grave.

Raise #3 Release.. yes it’s pink because of the PSP monthly theme.. next month will be green. hoho. to download the magazine, please logon to


im waiting for syed to fetch me to looking for IU dinner and the raise sponsors. this both days we like steve jobs and apekemende Wozniak.. haha.

just got a sms from syed.. hv to go now.. goot luck to all delta fcms with your fyp.. and spend one night with us at IU dinner k. thx

Apr 2007

Mukhayyam Tarbawi ’07

Quick updates… just now coming back from Mukhayyam Tarbawi. A leadership camping that was organized by Usrah Institution every year to train and nurture their future leaders.


As usual, like previous year, Im there as a photographer(click here will lead you to the last year mukhayyam tarbawi) but what’s sweet is that i manage to take all of the pictures using manual focus. i set myself a challenge, that is to take pictures wihout relying on autofocus. the results were brilliant.. despite the picture of day one excersize in morning turn out quite bad because im still not used with it.. but at the end of the camping and now, i can see the result of my training, the manual focus speedmaster challenge.

800 pictures, 2 days. one great training. hehe.

i didnt hv any night pictures because i didnt manage to get any canon series speedlite. haih.

thanks to syawal and linda sha for their spare battery, kassim for his lovely biggie Compact flash card, Hana for her superb-heavenly zoom lens 90mm-300mm, and lastly sabau for not using that eos 300d camera.. sigh i shud get my own camera. ~_~

here are the links.. on the fotopages.. there is 60 picture manipulated and edited with photoshop.. as for full collection, iu members, ym me or leave me a comment.

Fakerama.fotopages ( 30 pictures, photoshopped )

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Urusetia

Hehe so click the links.. and for IU members mukhtar participants.. say thanks by fill up the advertlets suvey on the right hand side and also click once at the nuffnang ad ok.. thx in advance. I was too tired to talk about the camping.. later on yah.

Songs for the moment = City ofBlinding Lights : U2

Apr 2007