In Silence!!

Firstly, to all Muslims out there, let us recite selawat for Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be Upon Him ) tomorrow is his birthday. 12 Rabiul Awal Tahun Gajah :)

To hear I’m completely silent either on online life or on real life would rather be… suprising. I’m a talkative guy but cam be terribly boring somethimes. But hey, the title for this post ” In Silence” is the voiceover of NOD Shadow Team. The strike team taht uses glider and it really looks like Eva Series when it glides on the air. Still didnt finish the game so i cant give any review for the mean time, but i can say im very like it and very keen to have this.


Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars | Kane Steelbook edition. Click and buy for me please

Inside the package is

  1. A limited edition C&C 3 T-shirt with either GDI, Nod or Scrin logo. ( wanted NOD )
  2. A limited edition Tiberium Bag. ( can fill in tiberium or not ? hahaha )
  3. A limited edition GDI, Nod or Scrin dog-tag. ( UV reactive, but you didnt bring UV CCFL anywhere )
  4. Razer Mantis Control or Speed Mat. ( this means mousepad you non-geeks )
  5. Exclusive gameplay content includes five multiplayer maps and three in-game unit skins.
  6. Strategy videos from the game developers, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and the “Behind the Lines” making-of video.
  7. Exclusive art and desktop wallpapers.

wohaoahaoaha.. yesterday before flash class, saw one chinese guy already wearing this NOD tshirt.. arghhh so tempting but at the price of 189.. i just need an extra income.. huhu. I’ve got a lot of things to review for this game but i save later till i play GDI and SCRIN ( some said playable ) mission campaign.Oh, dear hostel residents, Free For All anyone ? ( meh la lawan ). and it’s 4 days before 100% progress for my DM Final Year Project presentation, and up until now i think i’ve finished up to interfaces only. game mechanics, all the game assets, still not finished. haih.

Welcome back commander ^O^

And for those who’re not interested with RTS genre, you might liked this, Grand Theft Auto 4. Clicking this will lead you to their teaser and you’re able to download their HD WMV trailer.

Song for the day = Life is a Rollercoaster : Ronan Keating

Mar 2007

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