Last sunday, there’s an IT workshop organized by Bureau of Information and Promotion, Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya. We’ve invited the students from Hira Islamic Secondary School. But the students who join the workshop are varies from Form 1 till Form 4. I’m unavailable on sunday because celebrating Anom birthday so I join for sunday, where actually I’m going to continue sabau teaching on the saturday, that is drawing with flash

I am suppose to teach this kids Basic Animation in Flash. Those stuff such as keyframe animation, motion tween animation, shape morphing, fade in fade out, path animation and so much more, but endup cant teach them since Syed Huzaifah take all the good part of it. He teaching photoshop animation instead hahah. But it’s ok. tak kecik hati pun. it’s because flash need more time to learn and the time left only 1 hour for me so i said it’s ok and told syed to continue persuade the student to do more on photoshop.

Clicking this picture will lead you to the same picture in bigger resolution, be warned.


Read more, it doesn’t ends here.

Foreseeing them interested with computer things and stuff, it reflects me back at my Form 1, where i began to touch the computer, learn about Championship Manager played by senior named Faizal back in Samten. the first time i touch the computer is when i at samten and taking computer class. during that time, the subject they teach was only word and excel, with some introduction to PC peripherals. At the same year abah gave me the first PC. Equiped with 800Mhz processor, Cyrix and whatever i forget,I start to grow my interest in PC, but only in gaming. Precisely, Command & Conquer. Till form 3 i only use PC for playing games until I move to MRSM Taiping where i start touching flash, powerpoint, and ulead photoimpact.

Now this kids so lucky, they got to touch photoshop as early as Form 1. But hey Flash on Form 1, that’s was way too early.. but it’s not impossible thing to do. Sabau touch flash when he’s form 2. I think maybe my son/daughter should be touching flash as early as.. standard 5.. hahahahaha. So this Hira’students, are quite brilliant. At the end of thecourse we had this competitio that was handled by me. the task given is to make their school magazine for this year with their limited resources. The PC at lab was connected to the internet so i told them to use corbis and google image search to find the images that related to school.

Surprisingly, there’s a bunch of them can design very well despite their background as an Islamic School Student. Gempak siut. The first person that win even have the Idea to put Cave-like border for the magazine to resemble their school – Hira’. FYI Hira’ is originated from Rasulullah PBUH story when migrating to Medina, Rasulullah PBUH rest at Hira’ Cave. So the idea of using the cavelike border is extremely brilliant. If put into comparison, I’m nothing at their age. I’m happy. For them going to be a Da’ei but equiped with strength in technologies, they’ll go far, far away in the future and might exceed me.

Well here’s the poster. The essence of design might be off since they never learn about typeface, eye-rest, compostion and such but looking them taking babysteps like this, they surely going far.


Thanks to them. I’ve become more passionate to teach more of what i know. Thanks to Bureau of Information and Promotion for inviting me as a tutor that day but end up didnt teach any hahaha. Congratulations on doing well for IU Apperentice. Cant see you in the boardroom hehe.

There’s a cute kitty said this to me

Persist in jihad in the cause of Allah, with your money, your souls, and your tongue … and yes, with your psp too !

P/S : Jihad is not about bombing Innocent/ bombing anyone you know. Jihad in Muslim dictionary means doing all daily things in life for Almighty God, Allah. ( this P/S text is just in case there’s an extremist stalking my blog ). Before you translate jihad itself it’s better you refer to Wikipedia or asking any muslim you know.

Thanks kitty for that phrase :) Might be a tutor in Hira Islamic School.. hehehehehe.

Song for the time. Scatman – John Scatman

Mar 2007
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  1. Great power came with great responsibility, great talent must spread out with great network to all .. Teaching is always the best way in ensuring your good deeds become ‘bekalan’ for our next living (provided you’re teaching a good things). Further is one of a way in ‘murah rezeki’ … I know your feeling when you facing these school guys … why not try do some into teaching like Sabau … best oo rasa diri berfungsi .. (all system works) ..

    Kucing Pink ko dah siap …cam besa we expect rm 2000 return on this offer Hehehehehe ….(tarak hal la wei! )

    Great Job – Doughnut Trump

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    i was going to teach but syed take all the good part of it.. hahaha.. last time teacching at Sek Men teknik JB really gives a lot of effect to me. hahah

    banyak betul sekali expect return ko eh.. huhuhu.

    but donat trump..diskaun tade ke? miahahaha

  3. zuzy says:

    firstly..time kasih byk sbb beri peluang pd pelajar hira’ untuk menyertai bengkel multimedia ni..kami selaku guru turut teruja..nak join jugak tp xckp pc..:( harapan saya agar program seperti ini diteruskan pd masa akan datang disamping memberi pendedahan kpd para pelajar tntg kepentingan teknologi maklumat pada masa kini dan memberi rangsangan agar menjadi seorang yg celik komputer sejajar dgn misi dan visi negara dlm mencapai wawasan 2020 dgn melahirkan lbh ramai pakar komputer disamping kita menyebarkan dakwah dgn cara yg lbh berteknologi..

  4. zuzy says:

    nnt boleh buat bengkel untuk guru2 pulak..hehe..teringinlah nak belajar jugak..

  5. ecah says:

    ahahaaa…ha ah…kak zuzy ni bagik cadangan best gak…wat kelas tuk cikgu2 die plak…ade can nak jumpe akak2 nih lagik haa….:D aa…time tuh ko leh la jadik tutor plak tekong..:P

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    kak zuzy – oho akak, mmg sori la lab tuh pun lab baru tukar computer gak.. so mmg pc kurang la huhu. tapi akak salin jer notes step by step kan dlm notepad tak bergaris :) , so kat rumah atau kat lab nnt leh practice. hehe. program camnih berkemungkinan besar akan diadakan lagi tp yelah bergantung pada orang yg menguruskannya. dan harap gak la nnt org yg uruskan masa tuh jemput kami as tutor kembali. agak best gak sbb terjumpa sorang budak hira’ yg ade join masa iktikaf kat Masjid Shah Alam masa bulan puasa lepas. dia jumpa dia cakap.. “abang nih yang psp al-quran tuh ker”.. hehehe kecil betul dunia.

    pasal bengkel utk guru tuh.. kena dibawak berbincang la bersama kengkawan tp bukan dlm masa terdekat nih.. huuu final year project :((

    ecah – suke la nak jumpa kakak kakak nih hihihi.. haa kali nih akku nak cover dulu animation in flash.. lepas nih lehlak diorang buat ala ala enjit enjit semut. 😛

  7. Takpa kali ni aku ajar basic Photoshop. Tahun depan kita ajar Animasi 3D dengan MAYA pulak haha. Baru makin gempak bebudak Hira’ hehe. Sebenarnya agak kaget juga ajar photoshop hari tu sbb usik photoshop jarang2 dah. Tapi lepas ajar photoshop tu dan refreash knowledge2 lama minat balik photoshop. Betul la kata mutiara, lagi banyak kita ajar lagi banyak kita tau.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    weh edry ade budak time iktikaf nih.. budak hira yang main uno kantoi ngan ustaz hahahahhaha ( buruk gila perangai ketawakan budak yg kantoi )

  9. phatyn.~ says:

    in the name if ALLAH Most Gracious.Most Merciful.

    wargh!..salamzz.nieyh budak hira’. just want to say thanks a loads because giving us your knowledge in multimedia. best glew gih sane! cam nak tinggal jew kat sane. huahuahua. bangga laks hasil karya dipublish kat sini. i’m keeping my dream to become a photgrapher! huahua! extremely jelous mase tgk kakak-kakak and abang-abang tu guna camera SLR!!! hargh! tapi, tak express jew.hehe. memang sad sangat mase nak balik. FYI, dekat sekolah sekarang, asyik dengar ‘MMU’ je! sikit2, “mase kan MMU..”…

    haha.best tak terkata.

    p/s : keyang dowh makan ‘hamper’ tuh. anyway, lunch + breakfast = BURP! (nikmat…)

  10. phatyn.~ says:

    haaa…lupe laks nak cakap….

    ‘kids’ hira yang join bengkel nieyh, memang rindu ngan sis n bros kat sane~ orang yang tak join pulak, jelous glew~!..keep on going buat bengkel-bengkel ginih. some other time, jangan segan-segan ajak ktorang lagik. we are available (huahua.x gheti malu pulaks)

  11. panda yg cute. says:

    nice one. bangge jd bekas budak hira neh. arituh diorang dtg, thinking of going to see them, but, ntahlah. tak dtg seru kot nak pergi. haha. actually, dah ade pon budak hira yg masok mmu neh. ade sorang ‘sesat’ kat FCM. hehe. the fact that we are Islamic school, but we are not ‘buta’ about this kind of stuff. kat mane ade kemahuan kat situlah ade jalan, btol akk? kalau ade passion, why not going for it. hehe, motivasilah plakk.
    so, nanti, reramailah ajak bebudak hira’ join this kind of stuff. ye fatin ye? hehe. oh, and i am really an ex-hira student and now a fcm mmu student. and i am in 3rd sem of alpha year now. few months to go, and its beta. wish me luck. assalam.

  12. phatyn.~ says:

    panda yang burok….

    baguih naa hang masok MMU. cam nak berjanggot jew nak tunggu diew ajar this kinda stuff. but, proud lak dapat abang ginyh(panda yg burok). ramai yang inspired lepas gi MMU.


  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    phatyn – kumpull duit beli DSLR weh.. hoho

    panda yg cute – korang bagus sbb tak buta.. kalau leh nak beliakkan lg mata ramai org hehe

  14. huzaifah says:

    sape panda yg cute??

  15. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku rasa dia jiran floor aku.. betul ke panda cute.?

  16. master says:

    syabas Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya.

  17. phatyn.~ says:

    tengah kumpoi duet nieyh~!

    perkembangan saving = RM 200……lebeyh. hehe. (x tipuw).
    lepas PMR. bercadang nak wat sepandok kat mak mintak beliy. setengah duet sendrik. setengah lagik, duet ibu dan bapa yg tercinta (tuh pon klu plan menjadi.berangan jew lebeyh)

    panda yang x cute tuh merangkap abang tue sendrik sebenarnyew~

  18. ikhwan nazri says:

    master – thanks.. weh abah hadidin baru sahaja meninggal dunia petang tadik.. sbb eksiden.. Al-Fatihah

    phatyn – 200 jer baru? hahahahha dik kena ade 2000 baru totally mampu. beli battery pack, speedlight, cf besar dan pantas.. hoho

  19. sabau says:

    klau sek hira’ ade lab, senang sikit kita nak wat workshop. kita wat kat sana je la. kat mmu susah sikit nak dpt lab. huhu~

  20. ikhwan nazri says:

    ha pekata sek hira jemput kitorang.. hihihi.. kak zuzy maybe leh uruskan la kot

  21. miezah says:

    sek.hira’ memang ade lab..tap rasenye tak sume komp leh gune…kak zuzy mlmh zuzy..sek ren..nak jmot akak n abng2 mmu dtng sek leh je kot…

  22. Student2 Hira’ kata dah buat blog.Bagitau la URL blog korang. Hobi masa lapang abg suka baca dari satu blog ke satui blog huhuhu…

  23. Nahas says:

    giler bertuah bdk zaman skrg eh…hehe rindu giler zaman skolah dlu…ni nk pesan budak HIRA’ …jgn memain jer..blaja lebih skit ..explore photoshop lebih2 skit .hahaha jgn jd cam aku …SPM satu detik y pahit wat aku huhu

  24. sarakay says:

    Melihat cover mag diorang buat tu, for their age, mmg sgt nice. Syabas!! tapi aku tak puas hati, masih ada grammar error. Design n good grammar goes hand in hand. *ko tau aku mmg suka btulkan error kan hahaha*

  25. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahahhaha ko nnt ajar diorang english la.. 😛

  26. phatyn~ says:

    huh. blog?….blog ktorang x gempak pown…klu tgk pon..sedeyh jew~…..xdew mase nak update~…huargh~!…klu nak datang skolah..jgn malu2…klu malu, wat muke x malu. hehe. sekolah ktorang secipoOt kecik..tp, isi die best~ huahua.

  27. ikhwan nazri says:

    nnt kitorang datang.. hehehe tengok laa perancangan Insya-Allah kalau ade umur yg panjang, leh la kita berjumpa lagik.

  28. miezah says:

    Klu datang bagi tau…..bagi gempak sikit sek…..betol ckp ftn 2..tak gempak pon..tak mcm bro n sis MMU…

  29. ikhwan nazri says:

    kalau edry baca neh dia kembang gila.. ahahahha

  30. miezah says:


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  32. SPIERS says:

    As a whole I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really marvelous post.

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