Cutey LocoRoco Cupcakes

Today, 24 March is the birthday of my little sister, Anom Nazirah. Now she’s 7 years old. Altoough my friends keep telling me that she’s so small and cute, her heights a bit more than her friend at her age. Perhaps later she would be taller and this would leave me the shortest among my siblings. Abah give her bicycle ( forget to take pics ) while i give her, *drumrolls*, Cutey Loco Roco Cupcakes.


Anom loves to play locoroco. So i decided to gave her cupcakes and given the theme loco roco. she’s happily screaming as she really loves loco roco. glad she like it.


i bought the cake from onepiece bakery. the first huhu cat on the previous post is to test the cake and the satisfaction level. well indeed, allia and her family surprises me this time. she even mention that her brother told her to tell me that im gonna suprised. yeahh im suprised with the details they made this cute cupcake. i ordered mini cupcakes since majority of anom friends are still primary school. 1 set for 36 pieces and still left 5 pieces at my home by this time. her friends also love it. kids.

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As i mentioned before, this cupcakes are very detail to follow the loco roco characters. in case you dont know what loco roco is, loco roco is one of highly rated game developed for PlayStation Portable. It features a round small creature that cute and keep on singing along the games. wins 2 BAFTA award for Children and Character category.The game indeed teach simple problem solving like counting, fitting the shape required, but features a highly smooth maneuver movement using gravity. Users have to tilt the land using PSP shoulder button L n R. but the action of tilting the land may passively provokes the user to turn thier body. So you can see whoever play loco roco, surely will tilt their body also. hahah.


So back to the cupcakes, the cupcakes is basically represent all the loco roco characters in different colors. The character i.e Mui Mui or Mojya, Toge, didnt appear on this set. perhaps maybe because it’s hard to do so much character yet you pay only ( msg them for the price ) for this cake. i think if order 2 sets, perhaps they able to do more characters. Good things no cheap, cheap things no good. I think hundred of times to buy this cake or not. but i satisfied, for the smiled my sis had :)


I’ve forgot to take pics of comparison the tall of this mini cupcakes but i think it’s safe to say just about the long of thumb. The cupcake cames in the cake box. the loco roco faces was made of somewhat sugar i think. it will melt if been exposed to direct sunlight or anyplace hot. so the drawing of the character will be swollen.


ok lastly.. picture of the birthday girl


there’s many thing my mom like about this cupcakes. it’s cute, it’s affordable given that you only buy this kind of cake once a year and it’s convenient. you just need to know how many ppl coming. and there’s no need extra plates for cakes. the cute cake also okay for kids. the bite size mini cupcakes are suitable for them and they surely can finish that cake. they will lick the icing first or will adore the locorocos on top before eating it. now that’s fully convenient. my mom always had this trouble where buy a cake and it end up in the fridge a quarter.

drooling for loco roco cupcakes? visit their website here

OnePiece Bakery

Oh well, welcome Delios. Glad to have you alongside Freya :)

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24 Responses to : Cutey LocoRoco Cupcakes

  1. Nahas says:

    Giler sedap…i wish i was there and eat all of them huhu

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haa tulah ko.. hahaha belila satu sendiri makan

  3. Erkk…(kenyang makan review :) .)
    Thanks Zabuza @ tekong … thanks for the ‘design torchure’ hehehe least we all here moving on our brain yg hampir karat (sebab dah berhenti kerja jadi landscape architect) . Your task we take it as like Donut Trumph kasi task… and your compliment is like we are save from being inside the board room…appeloss!!

    About price tuh actually it depend on the difficulty, and coz loco roco tu kira cam flat color it quite ok la..(bukan senang aa ok) …again glad to hear yr sis SUPRISED …that is one of our onepiecebakery mission create a smile in each and evryone of our client .

    P/S:asal muker anoom tuh ambik shoot tak sonyumm ..hehehehehe..:P

  4. opss ..terforget…It not that we didn’t want to include the BLACK character ( Toge right? ) .. it just we still can’t find the BLACK color ..went to KL yesterday …out of STOCK!! … so sorry beb! .. we did have the intentions to put all the heroes … just down want to spoil the character detail with bad color… :( .

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    no wonder so detai, the hand of architects. my mum was an architect but jobless since economy problem around 1988 -1989. she’s also detail and ambidextrous.

    and anom mmg camtuh.. pose leh jd fotogenik tp senyuman dia susah.. cam aku gak ahahahah. for toge, i tot that u didnt want to put black is because the same color with base cupcakes. aahaha

  6. faiz says:

    hehehe..sedap2 wuhuu nak kena try satu nihh..
    aaaaaa…siapakah Delios????

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    nnt tahula siapa delios.. hehe

  8. kucing says:

    so cute……..! ok skarang saya lapar. =p~

  9. Eh…Delios…bukankah patutnya Delilah…ko pi kahwinkan dengan sapa plakkk …isk..isk…

    P/S: tak nak kasi cupcake ker for welcoming Delilah 😛

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    nak bagi nama delilah tp sebutan panjang.. so kasik nama pendek la.. delios.. tp delios nak makan camne? tengok je leh.. ahahaha

  11. faiz says:

    haaa…delios ,aku rasa tuhh mesti imaginary friends tekong masa dia kecik2 hehehehe…

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    cam aram.. hahahahah

  13. besa la nih mesti suka tgk cartoon network yg ada cerita IMAGENARY FRIEND wak wak wak bunyi dier kekekeke

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    hohhh kutuk aku.. tak promot karang ekekeke

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  16. xsan says:

    kek neh besh…
    1 shot ajer..

  17. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahahahahha… ko la makan dua kan kat rumah harituh.. ekeke

  18. senn says:

    cute cupcakes =]

    anyways added you to my page. if you’re wondering, i’m your classmate angie lol.

  19. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahah i know la… i also hv your blag stalked long time ago

    ops… terkantoi. 😛

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  22. sitona says:


  23. sitona says:

    my english is poor

  24. Kek Wimax says:

    Great blog. It has been enjoyable to us.

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