Cutey Cupcakes n tagged!

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN HAZREEN!, hidup thrasher group english time alpha muehehe. and also to Ayuni Amran yesterday.. haha lambat sehari

just now wakeup after going back for the canceled presentation. quite wtf but tired so will not complain. last tuesday, I’ve receive my sample test of Allia cupcakes. i test it so i can judge the cake before buying the whole set later in the future.


Here is the cupcakes. 3D set, with Huhu Cat on top of it in the 3D garden. quite impressive and cute. the details of the huhu cat was superb and precise. the 3 remarkable stripes of huhu cat also been copied. I’ve also do some size comparison for yo to compare the size of the cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes inside was like a stuffed gardenia twiggies. it’s has some chocolate cream but i think the cream been frozen alongside with the icing topped on the cupcakes.


Below is the picture i gave to Allia as to design my cupcakes


I would really like to recommend this cupcakes as present to your friends or families. for the price of RM5, you’ll get a priceless smile and laugh from the one you’ve dedicated this with. they also take a party set order which is suitable to celebrate your friends birthday. visit their website here.

Visit their website, and see thousands of cute cupcakes available.

I’ve been tagged by Farah Azmi Now it’s about listing 6 weird things about you.

here we go

  1. My name is Ikhwan Nazri which means in arabic = Saudara Penglihatanku ( My sight ). I’ve have this kind of Unreliable Photo Memory which enable me to remember simple stuff at first glance. However it doesn’t work for lecturer notes. haih. My sight vision quite far and excellent both in day or night.. This helps me in navigating my scout team back in SAMTEN and Taiping. Oh, remembering the details in video or films also quite an easy task.
  2. Ironically, i have Minor Color blind, which is a biggest drawback I think. it was discovered back on medical test for entering MRSM Taiping. I cant answer 4 numbers from color wheel. There’s been a cases that I’ve giving the false answer for what color of the reaction back in the chemistry lab. It goes bad when i take medical test for entering MMU. 8 Numbers i cant see. The hard part was JPJ test. But since i got Unreliable Photo Memory, I can know what dots, the size and patterns of the asked numbers. So I end up remembering the pattern of color wheel test. Hey i can drive and Red Green Blue is easy for me. But Color Index by Jim Krause help me to design stuff.
  3. I’ve really like Time Travelling. This sound absurd but i believe in the ability to Time Travel. If there’s a research and they need a volunteers, I’ll be the one to risk it all.
  4. I’ve named all of my items. Computer = Freya. Honda EX5 = Jehuty. Creative Muvo Vidz = Muvey. PSP = Phoebe. Prolink webcam = Linky. Casio G-Shock = Shocky. Tomorrow, Freya will meet her new friend, Delilah. hihi.
  5. Kinda trust in Deja-Vu. I’ve always dream of things of future at sleep. Later,sometimes when i do the things like in my dream, I’ll stop, and said. “Okay I’ve done this before” and will laugh.
  6. Okay im out of ideas. I love to make sound effects to enhancing my explanation either in daily chats or in front of lecturers or clients explaining my ideas.

As usual, tag 5 people. Miahahhahaha

  1. Helmy Bab
  2. Amyn
  3. Caryn
  4. Sue ( she request to change her screen name 😛 )
  5. Orell

Song of the day – Vicinity of Obscenity : System Of A Down ( Hypnotize )

Mar 2007
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22 Responses to : Cutey Cupcakes n tagged!

  1. chapan says:

    uih allia kelas kite ke? mcm style je.. sedap tak?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sedap siut… seryesly sedapppp

  3. farah says:

    what a cute cupcake..yummy~

    minor color blind? rupanya byk kwn2 aku yg color blind nih..

    erm well i dun believe in time travel.. sbb 103:1-3.. “demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian”. tp itu interpretasi aku sendrik ..jgn amik as btul..huhu kene crk cikgu blaja..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    farah – dats y i said it’s absurd.. time travel mmg susah nak cakap.. agaknye kalau tanye ustaz meti kena gelak.. hahaha

  5. sue says:

    my page dh rupa lain.. eheh.. change ur tagged picture..

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    aaa.. itu teknologi la…server tuh yg tangkap kan gambar tuh.. ahahha

  7. pejal says:

    u have psp? f*! ;p

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahah.. pejal mane lak nih.. pecal ker ? 😛

  9. ikram_zidane says:

    wara.. aku ade sama hp ngan beg biru tu… haha..
    and the mp3 sama ngan kakak aku nyer gak.. lol..

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha kata beli kat 7 eleven… 😛 MP3 nih popular neh.. aku punye pun beli second hand je

  11. nadiah says:

    tag no. 4 tu paling aneh >_

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    hoh dewi vector.. namakan barang baru style… hehehe.. to the extent, they got their birthdate

    freya == june 2003 ( obviously pasal duit telekom )
    jehuty == januari 2005 ( dpt lesen P motor )
    muvey == april 2006
    phoebe == precisely, 14 July 2006
    linky == December 2006
    shocky == since form 5, january 2002.


  13. sue says:

    tag no. 4 tu paling aneh >_


    see? see?? see?????
    oit tekong, change my name, by all means, i hate that pinketsu thingy.. aihh~ i dun wanna talk to you for 5 years.. change it!! change it!!

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    sue.. alalala kena tukar ke.. personally i like it thehehehe and we didnt talk for… 1 weeks.. but it’s ok.. you busy i busy we both busy busy.

  15. sue says:

    sorry for being too busy..
    next week dah cuti.. but ill be busy as well..
    31st march: tido selama 24 jam..
    1 april: maulidur rasul.
    2-5 april: daurah..
    6-10: study study study..
    11-19: spain! hoho jgn jeless~
    20 april: tido selama 24 jam..
    21 april sehingga abis cuti: study study study study..
    bukak uni: exam exam exam..

    then summer holiday!! uweeeee~ tehee~

  16. ikhwan nazri says:

    buruk perangai tido 24 jam.. waw ade daurah lagik tuh..

    weh baik ko simpan duit dari sekarang.. utk kasik aku souvenir masa kat spain. haha

  17. sue says:

    souvenir tu ape??
    sejenis buah ke??
    ke salah satu jenama tayar beskal?? ermmm~

  18. ikhwan nazri says:

    bola netball… ( cube untuk mengapi²kan ko supaya gih main netball )

  19. sue says:

    i am not easily influenced by whatever u nor other ppl say. if i wanted to play, ill just play, if i dun wanna play, then push me not coz i won’t listen especially to guys!

  20. ikhwan nazri says:

    then i might be the pompom man. \._. \ / ._./

  21. asnxiidqgq says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! qfgrgsemjxul

  22. ikhwan nazri says:

    err welcome.. are you really wasnt a spamming robots?

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