Raise #2

Like a hot fried banana.. Raise #2 released yesterday morning. *yawns*


haha… it’s been like a 3 days without updates. hidayat already, for crying out loud, craving for my updates. well dude sorry for late updates.. been busy a bit with the raise.

for this release, i’ve decided to expose the readers with culture in islam. also in this release is short intro of aerosolarabic. as for videos and psp-cast, i put in the culture and religion episode from ummahfilms. thanks to edry faisal for his contribution for this edition.

for next 3 issues, from april, may and june, i’m thinking to cover and wrote about media in islam. the topic will based on my 30 minutes presentation back at the Islamic Information Services, Setiawangsa. How muslim can take back the media and supplying right information to all people. and much more will be exposed so stay tuned.

last friday i’ve watched 300 with Isra’ members.. must say it was definitely a beautiful movie. the feeling of reading graphical comics is there. everyday i’m keep quoting and mimicing the dialogs used in the movie.

  • this is madness
  • this is sparta
  • then we’ll fight in the shade
  • fav quote == tonight, we dine in hell!!
  • give them nothing, take from them everything

i wonder how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the battle against Quraisy on Badr, also with around 313 members if im not mistaken.


i think some of MMU students might just seen this in thier way to bank, Tau Cafe, Lecture hall, MPH, library,bank…


for MMU Cyberjaya students, lectures, admins, cleaners, abang bear, or even stalkers who wanted to experience The Raise : PSP-Islamic Magazine, the technology of it such as RSS channel and PSP-Cast, kindly shout at the box, or leave a comment here, or messgae me via YM == e_oneexsamten. i would like to make myself available for you, but please made an appointment first. and if you’ve seen me anywhere in MMU, shout for the quick presentation would ya. hehe. and again i declare that im not a PSP salesman.

song for the day – MINMI : Shiki No Uta ( samurai champloo OST )

Mar 2007
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11 Responses to : Raise #2

  1. farah says:

    yerp.. i agree..the media has such a great influence to the society..
    we can actually use the media to instill in ppl’s mind the pride of being a muslim.. but majority of us take it for granted.. tv station prefer to compete with each other to attract viewers through the broadcasting of those garbage reality tv programme. As a rslt, young people in our beloved country Malaysia dream of being a singer or an actor rather than being a contributor to the development of the nation, the ummah.

    oh, read the sirah, you’ll be touched.

  2. farah says:

    mcm tulis esemen je komen kt atas tuh

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    that’s why, muslims shud take back the media. by whatever means :)

  4. orellex says:

    i’m so agree wif both of u…this is malaysia!!! marilah sama2 menyayanginya dengan meng”contribute”kan apa yang patut!

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    ya betullll… meh orell ko tulis la kat blog ko pasal entry baru aku.. hihi

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    mintak kat amyn lah. miahahahaha

  7. Jessie says:

    cool stuffff 😀

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahaha thanks jessie.. i was hoping you to said.. WAW hotstuff.. hahahahhaha

  9. kucing says:

    Persist in jihad in the cause of Allah, with your money, your souls, and your tongue … and yes, with your psp too !! 😀

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    thanks kucing.. unfortunately no fish for you right now.. later we go eat manhattan fish market nak?.. kihkihkih

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