ok. quick post updates. last sunday i’ve taken pictures for Demascus, the group that not from Damsyik but actually is a group of singer.Thier genre is too much to list since they like to mix thier talents and songs. so here are the pics that i’ve taken for thier promos


ok this is the original one.. below is used for thier promotion and cover albums, edited by syed huzaifah


At first, I myself shocked to see the pictures at the viewfinder.. it’s because it was too perfect. thanks to Kak Jun for her Canon Speedlite 550EX ( it’s an external flash camera ) and as always, sabau for his camera EOS 300D. aih i need a camera so bad. but on the second thought, actually im not that always taking pictures so maybe i have to wait till got more money to buy it. right now i’m quite satisfied with Chotto Shot that i have.

dear lovely readers, you’ve seen that i always rant for the things that always i drool off rite. so check out my wishlist if youre going to give me a big smile on my birthday. 2 months left before my birthday so you can save some money for me.. hehe. the good things in this world is when they come for free :)

Currently listens to = Yui : Rolling Star

Mar 2007

3 Responses to : Quickie!

  1. chapan says:

    weh yui : rolling star tu ost bleach ke? nakk :p

  2. feldspar says:

    ahaha.. dh lupa balik your birthday bila ;p

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    kan aku suruh click wishlist tuh ahhahahaa

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