Riding off into the sunset..

HHAHAHAA.. firstly congratulations to DM-team that organize the DM partay last friday. I was late sinec going back from short meeting at KL. but luckily the food still there.. so it’s ok la.. we’ve got some games that night. but this is the very thing i like. what other person think of you. we hv spend time together almost 4 years so we have that bond. strong enough to say about other person. candice idea is grab a piece of paper and write your name. on the count 20 we hv to pass it to the next person beside us and have them write what they know about us.ok here is what my fellow DMs think of me.

read more… it’s long 40+ person opinions

  1. hardwork
  2. gamers psp
  3. tagging rocks huh :)
  4. wei pass me more psp games, sharing is caring
  5. best passing information
  6. funny games | humor when doing work
  7. good at scripting
  8. kind, smart, friendly
  9. friendly
  10. hardowrking
  11. psp guy
  12. te-kong yg baik + rendang + comel la kot
  13. hardworking, very nice, psp
  14. friendly & cute! gooluck with FYP! 😀
  15. PSP cameraguy 😀
  16. hehe friendly, nice to chat with & helpful ( he/she underline it anyway ).thanks
  17. SATAYMAN!!!! whoohooo \:D/ ( dancing icon )
  18. I want your psp
  19. teach me flash oi, haha! i wan your PSP!
  20. another flash god, funny² oso
  21. very funny guy, ganbateh with satay-day night fever
  22. crazy guy, helpful as well, nice =)
  23. the good gamer but always get bum ( i think he/she said bum == lazy .. maybe )
  24. PSP owners
  25. genius in script
  26. good flash work, funny guy
  27. power flash & friendly
  28. funny person
  29. teruskan usaha anda
  30. friendl, funny, hardworking,
  31. flash juga ( big very big smile )
  32. funny guy, x budget hensem ! OK !!
  33. dewa flash jua !ok also
  34. no komen 😛 jawapan ym tadi ( OK! )
  35. zabuzzza 😛 ( mintak top up sepulo! )
  36. ini pun sama, 2nd dewa flash yg bz ngan psp
  37. baik hati, selamba babe
  38. aye tekong, you are interestng, creative, intelligent
  39. smart, friendly
  40. tekong and flash
  41. seriously creative
  42. good groupmate, clever, pinketsu
  43. thanks for the prinketsu prinketsu
  44. gemok – garuk² tp bes dan lawak kadang²

to tell you the truth.. i can figure out easily who write.. but i wouldn write.. coz nnt karang diorang hangin lak.. ahaha. but i wrote this things as memories. the memories that i’ll treasure forever. yet later this is the memories to remind people is case you’ve gone far far away.

oh btw i’ve updated my portfolio list. and also my photoshoot activities check it out at



i should change my portfolio site afterall.. huhu. oho dear DM-ians who read this entry.. you’ve successfully been tagged. write what people wrote about you. if you dont mind la.. hehe..

Mar 2007
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10 Responses to : Riding off into the sunset..

  1. chapan says:

    ahahhaha 44! yoshhh!

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  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    wahahahhahaha.. tag tag taggg

  4. snowwie says:

    weeeee u noe which is me.. *shy*

    hahahahha eh i lazy to post. sniff.

  5. nadiah says:

    eh mane satu yg aku tulis eh? sengal lupe dah :p

  6. Jessie says:

    guess which one is my comment 😀

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    wait ah.. isee….. hmm hmmm hmm.. ( looking at the paper )


  8. sarakay says:

    haih.. FA takde pun bonding camnih… haih…

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    aa.. ala suruh la bebudak korang wat makan makan.. kata nnt nak junior korang celebrate korang.. kekeke

  10. I easily get addicted to PSP games and i am always updated with the newest PSP games in town.-`;

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