3 March

Firstly, i would like to congratulate my second youngest brother, Ikhmal Faidhi , ( famously known as faidhi, padi, fido ) for being 17 years today. Good luck in your spm, study hard and smart, and be careful with electricity ( since you’re going to follow abah path in HT Chargeman ). Also goes to Fatimah Sharuddin, 2nd Assistance, Food and Health Bureau of MRSM Taiping being 22 today. ( Saje aku nak berlagak sbb aku first assistance kahkahkah.. jgn marah temah, ). i think i’m missing other person who are also celebrating his/her birthday today but… i really forget ah.. if you celebrating ur birthday today then just tell me.. so i’ll add in my Jotlet.net online calendar.

The last thursday short talk at setiawangsa going well, i guess. The audience understand and glad to saw them laugh at my presentation. But still i was worried if the presentation was too much new for them to understand. What happen when doctors, engineers were presented a creative way to spread Dakwah ? They used to think all in a critical and strict way. But now a dakwah using Graffitti, Alternative Video Documentaries, and Boardgames? now that’s a twist. But it’s okay. i know they also creative in their thinking in thier critical prospect ( i was used to think in a critical way back at taiping ) so they surely can find a way to assist anyone that using creative way to spread Dakwah. Amiin ~ Oh if you want my slides about this presentation, leave a comment and i’ll get back to you. :)

read more, im still not finished here, read read read.

Remember the fav song last entry, seeking flightless mind? The song Shinin’ by Mondo Grosso feat KJ. well that song is quite lovely. The tempo, the beat, and the content. I’ve search for the lyrics and they said it’s got two version of the lyrics. I mean if you listen to the song, you’ll catch the glitch.


version 1:

Word of silence
creeping silence time

bird of sadness
seeking flightless mind
Bird of silence
breaking for this light
Note of brigthness
all we give
then we’re shinin’, shinin’, shinin’…

I’ll be let away
Build into delay
Find it still delayed (or away)

oh why?

oh, my, what’s wrong with you right now?
Now hear the sound of heaven
oh, my, what’s wrong wit’chu right now?
Just smiling down from heaven


version 2:

World of silence creepin’ sightless time
Port of sadness sleepin’ flightless mind
World of silence blinkin’ farthest light
Road of brightness I will get there
And shinin’ (x32)

Unbearable pain melt into the rain
Find the still ray of light

Oh I push my way through the crowd
Now hear the sound of the ground
Oh I push my way through the crowd
Just start at dawn from the clouds



The lyric was intentionally bolded and italized by me. it’s a message ( da tekong’s code )

today, im a bird of sadness, seeking flightless mind. The pain was unbearable. My heart cries, but this eye wont. Aku masih terhanyut dalam mimpiku.

kan terus menunggu, sampai bila ku tidak tahu

Mar 2007
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9 Responses to : 3 March

  1. feldspar says:

    Ehem ehem… the only reason you were first and I was second was because you’re a boy and I’m a girl (>_

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    o really? thank god i was a boy.. hahahah ( this is complete ignorance )

  3. feldspar says:

    Thank your lucky stars you were born a boy and that Taiping was (still is?) biased against girls… hmph

    they say ignorance is bliss, but are you ignorantly blissful, or blissfully ignorant… haha

  4. feldspar says:

    ok lah… nih benda yg kena potong dr first comment tuh:

    “anyways, walaupun sini still 2 March, bak kata my sister, I’m a malaysian jadi kena la ikut time malaysia… thank you. tk sangka boleh masuk my name in your blog ;p

    thank you again, and, heheh (nih kena small font sbnrnya) I still don’t remember your birthdate… haha”

    ah, tuh la yg I remember… sigh.. hilang dh perasaan

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    after ym’s with you.. it’s decided.. im just blissfully ignorant.. kahkahkah

  6. aaeem says:

    And shinin’ (x32)

    LOL…still terngiang-ngiang lagu tu dlm kepala aku ni… n___n

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha tulah pasal.. bijak betul tetsuya mizuguchi. bila game tetris campur lagu camnih la jadinya. lagu2 yang dia guna pakai semua mmg high-fast paced. mmg terujaaaaaa

    aku dah bagi mak aku main lumines 2.. dia suke.. harap2 dia pun beli psp. hahahahahahahaa tapi bagi anom main la.. main loco roco. kehkehkeh.

    PSP FTW!!!! — ftw nih ape sebenanye? slelau nampak orang expresikan ftw

  8. hantu_koko says:

    FTW = F**k The World lah

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    oh…. ade org cakap for the win… banyak tul versi.. ahahaha

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