In Silence!!

Firstly, to all Muslims out there, let us recite selawat for Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be Upon Him ) tomorrow is his birthday. 12 Rabiul Awal Tahun Gajah :)

To hear I’m completely silent either on online life or on real life would rather be… suprising. I’m a talkative guy but cam be terribly boring somethimes. But hey, the title for this post ” In Silence” is the voiceover of NOD Shadow Team. The strike team taht uses glider and it really looks like Eva Series when it glides on the air. Still didnt finish the game so i cant give any review for the mean time, but i can say im very like it and very keen to have this.


Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars | Kane Steelbook edition. Click and buy for me please

Inside the package is

  1. A limited edition C&C 3 T-shirt with either GDI, Nod or Scrin logo. ( wanted NOD )
  2. A limited edition Tiberium Bag. ( can fill in tiberium or not ? hahaha )
  3. A limited edition GDI, Nod or Scrin dog-tag. ( UV reactive, but you didnt bring UV CCFL anywhere )
  4. Razer Mantis Control or Speed Mat. ( this means mousepad you non-geeks )
  5. Exclusive gameplay content includes five multiplayer maps and three in-game unit skins.
  6. Strategy videos from the game developers, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and the “Behind the Lines” making-of video.
  7. Exclusive art and desktop wallpapers.

wohaoahaoaha.. yesterday before flash class, saw one chinese guy already wearing this NOD tshirt.. arghhh so tempting but at the price of 189.. i just need an extra income.. huhu. I’ve got a lot of things to review for this game but i save later till i play GDI and SCRIN ( some said playable ) mission campaign.Oh, dear hostel residents, Free For All anyone ? ( meh la lawan ). and it’s 4 days before 100% progress for my DM Final Year Project presentation, and up until now i think i’ve finished up to interfaces only. game mechanics, all the game assets, still not finished. haih.

Welcome back commander ^O^

And for those who’re not interested with RTS genre, you might liked this, Grand Theft Auto 4. Clicking this will lead you to their teaser and you’re able to download their HD WMV trailer.

Song for the day = Life is a Rollercoaster : Ronan Keating

Mar 2007


Last sunday, there’s an IT workshop organized by Bureau of Information and Promotion, Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya. We’ve invited the students from Hira Islamic Secondary School. But the students who join the workshop are varies from Form 1 till Form 4. I’m unavailable on sunday because celebrating Anom birthday so I join for sunday, where actually I’m going to continue sabau teaching on the saturday, that is drawing with flash

I am suppose to teach this kids Basic Animation in Flash. Those stuff such as keyframe animation, motion tween animation, shape morphing, fade in fade out, path animation and so much more, but endup cant teach them since Syed Huzaifah take all the good part of it. He teaching photoshop animation instead hahah. But it’s ok. tak kecik hati pun. it’s because flash need more time to learn and the time left only 1 hour for me so i said it’s ok and told syed to continue persuade the student to do more on photoshop.

Clicking this picture will lead you to the same picture in bigger resolution, be warned.


Read more, it doesn’t ends here.

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Mar 2007
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Cutey LocoRoco Cupcakes

Today, 24 March is the birthday of my little sister, Anom Nazirah. Now she’s 7 years old. Altoough my friends keep telling me that she’s so small and cute, her heights a bit more than her friend at her age. Perhaps later she would be taller and this would leave me the shortest among my siblings. Abah give her bicycle ( forget to take pics ) while i give her, *drumrolls*, Cutey Loco Roco Cupcakes.


Anom loves to play locoroco. So i decided to gave her cupcakes and given the theme loco roco. she’s happily screaming as she really loves loco roco. glad she like it.


i bought the cake from onepiece bakery. the first huhu cat on the previous post is to test the cake and the satisfaction level. well indeed, allia and her family surprises me this time. she even mention that her brother told her to tell me that im gonna suprised. yeahh im suprised with the details they made this cute cupcake. i ordered mini cupcakes since majority of anom friends are still primary school. 1 set for 36 pieces and still left 5 pieces at my home by this time. her friends also love it. kids.

Click more for more pictures and reviews

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Mar 2007
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Cutey Cupcakes n tagged!

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN HAZREEN!, hidup thrasher group english time alpha muehehe. and also to Ayuni Amran yesterday.. haha lambat sehari

just now wakeup after going back for the canceled presentation. quite wtf but tired so will not complain. last tuesday, I’ve receive my sample test of Allia cupcakes. i test it so i can judge the cake before buying the whole set later in the future.


Here is the cupcakes. 3D set, with Huhu Cat on top of it in the 3D garden. quite impressive and cute. the details of the huhu cat was superb and precise. the 3 remarkable stripes of huhu cat also been copied. I’ve also do some size comparison for yo to compare the size of the cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes inside was like a stuffed gardenia twiggies. it’s has some chocolate cream but i think the cream been frozen alongside with the icing topped on the cupcakes.


Below is the picture i gave to Allia as to design my cupcakes


I would really like to recommend this cupcakes as present to your friends or families. for the price of RM5, you’ll get a priceless smile and laugh from the one you’ve dedicated this with. they also take a party set order which is suitable to celebrate your friends birthday. visit their website here.

Visit their website, and see thousands of cute cupcakes available.

I’ve been tagged by Farah Azmi Now it’s about listing 6 weird things about you.

here we go

  1. My name is Ikhwan Nazri which means in arabic = Saudara Penglihatanku ( My sight ). I’ve have this kind of Unreliable Photo Memory which enable me to remember simple stuff at first glance. However it doesn’t work for lecturer notes. haih. My sight vision quite far and excellent both in day or night.. This helps me in navigating my scout team back in SAMTEN and Taiping. Oh, remembering the details in video or films also quite an easy task.
  2. Ironically, i have Minor Color blind, which is a biggest drawback I think. it was discovered back on medical test for entering MRSM Taiping. I cant answer 4 numbers from color wheel. There’s been a cases that I’ve giving the false answer for what color of the reaction back in the chemistry lab. It goes bad when i take medical test for entering MMU. 8 Numbers i cant see. The hard part was JPJ test. But since i got Unreliable Photo Memory, I can know what dots, the size and patterns of the asked numbers. So I end up remembering the pattern of color wheel test. Hey i can drive and Red Green Blue is easy for me. But Color Index by Jim Krause help me to design stuff.
  3. I’ve really like Time Travelling. This sound absurd but i believe in the ability to Time Travel. If there’s a research and they need a volunteers, I’ll be the one to risk it all.
  4. I’ve named all of my items. Computer = Freya. Honda EX5 = Jehuty. Creative Muvo Vidz = Muvey. PSP = Phoebe. Prolink webcam = Linky. Casio G-Shock = Shocky. Tomorrow, Freya will meet her new friend, Delilah. hihi.
  5. Kinda trust in Deja-Vu. I’ve always dream of things of future at sleep. Later,sometimes when i do the things like in my dream, I’ll stop, and said. “Okay I’ve done this before” and will laugh.
  6. Okay im out of ideas. I love to make sound effects to enhancing my explanation either in daily chats or in front of lecturers or clients explaining my ideas.

As usual, tag 5 people. Miahahhahaha

  1. Helmy Bab
  2. Amyn
  3. Caryn
  4. Sue ( she request to change her screen name 😛 )
  5. Orell

Song of the day – Vicinity of Obscenity : System Of A Down ( Hypnotize )

Mar 2007
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Raise #2

Like a hot fried banana.. Raise #2 released yesterday morning. *yawns*


haha… it’s been like a 3 days without updates. hidayat already, for crying out loud, craving for my updates. well dude sorry for late updates.. been busy a bit with the raise.

for this release, i’ve decided to expose the readers with culture in islam. also in this release is short intro of aerosolarabic. as for videos and psp-cast, i put in the culture and religion episode from ummahfilms. thanks to edry faisal for his contribution for this edition.

for next 3 issues, from april, may and june, i’m thinking to cover and wrote about media in islam. the topic will based on my 30 minutes presentation back at the Islamic Information Services, Setiawangsa. How muslim can take back the media and supplying right information to all people. and much more will be exposed so stay tuned.

last friday i’ve watched 300 with Isra’ members.. must say it was definitely a beautiful movie. the feeling of reading graphical comics is there. everyday i’m keep quoting and mimicing the dialogs used in the movie.

  • this is madness
  • this is sparta
  • then we’ll fight in the shade
  • fav quote == tonight, we dine in hell!!
  • give them nothing, take from them everything

i wonder how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the battle against Quraisy on Badr, also with around 313 members if im not mistaken.


i think some of MMU students might just seen this in thier way to bank, Tau Cafe, Lecture hall, MPH, library,bank…


for MMU Cyberjaya students, lectures, admins, cleaners, abang bear, or even stalkers who wanted to experience The Raise : PSP-Islamic Magazine, the technology of it such as RSS channel and PSP-Cast, kindly shout at the box, or leave a comment here, or messgae me via YM == e_oneexsamten. i would like to make myself available for you, but please made an appointment first. and if you’ve seen me anywhere in MMU, shout for the quick presentation would ya. hehe. and again i declare that im not a PSP salesman.

song for the day – MINMI : Shiki No Uta ( samurai champloo OST )

Mar 2007
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