Seeking Flightless Mind

As requested by sara.. here is my family picture. kehkehkeh


from left , my father, my first younger brother , my 2nd younger brother, my mom, and my youngest sister. compare them with my face, and among themselves, ada variation kan.. hahaha.

i just receive a call from my father. he said that recently, theives have been smarter to steal your stuff inside your car. they’re able to detect if the electronical item like laptops, digital cameras, hd cameras, and all those expensive stuff that you cry to have it. they’re able to detect even if you hide it in the dashboard, under the chair, or even in the bonnet (betul ke ejaan dia neh? ). his friend lately, an electronician, tell that stuff to my dad. at first i thought my father laptop stolen but it’s safe. so for people that using laptops, bring hd videocams or even digital slr, dont leave it inside the unattended car. better bring all of your equipments together with you or if you’re alone and still wanted to eat, go take a mcd drivethru.. aahahah or go back and take some of your friends to go out together and ask them to carry your stuff. now that’s better.

this weeks been hella busy. so many things have to do and wanted to do. and i still hv 22 hours before tomorrow presentation and 30 hours before short talk. i still didnt find any replacement person to present for IU apperentice. haih

im a sadness bird, seeking flightless mind.

Song for the time: Mondo Grosso Featuring KJ = Shinin’

dear fellow gamers, the demo for command and conquer 3 : tiberium wars out now.. downloading and i hope i can share with you guys fast hoho

Feb 2007
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3 Responses to : Seeking Flightless Mind

  1. chapan says:

    serius adik kau tu aku rasa mcm slelau jumpa.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahah ko neh.. biasa la 7 orang muka hampir sama 😛

  3. xsan says:

    mane bole dpt full pics mlm tuh?

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