I on Malaysia . _. ‘ _’ ‘_ ‘ ._ . ( rolling eyes )

hoho.. last saturday i took my grandparents and relatives ( sebelah mak ) going around KL.. they’re from kedah so when they came to visit us, surely they’ll visit KL tooo. they visit us to visit my grandmother ( sebelah abah ) that fallen sick recently. so we go to three places, eye on malaysia, midvalley megamall, and pameran tamadun islam KLCC.


Eye on Malaysia is a popular thing to babble about with malaysians. this is the biggest thing ever built for the sake of tourism industry for just one year. well base on my readings and understandings, they said taht the eye on malaysia is only built specially for visit malaysia year. so i also dont know whether it will standing still next year. per head entry adults is RM15 while kids, disabled people, and overgrown adults would be only RM8. they got VIP package include 4 adults and 1 kid for 150. while special package forpeople who dont want to share with others ( i think it’s personal gondola ) would be RM100. each gondola can fit 8 person depends on the size and it is said that it can withstand 400 tonnes..

next we go to midvalley.. we spend just one hour inside because my relatives feel bored. it’s an expensive shopping complex so they didnt waste thier time and quickly gone to KLCC, to see pameran tamadun islam.

here there’s a lot of model exhibition, astronomer equipments, geographical, medical, plantation technologies have been showed. the ‘munjinik’ ( trebuchet ) that has been use by prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) during Khandak War ( if im not mistaken ) also been showed. i’ve taken some shots using phoebe unfortunately, chotto doesnt perform well in lowlight conditions.


so for picture on eye on malaysia.. click the link below


lawa jugak tangkap pakai chotto shot… uuu lovely

Feb 2007
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  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    tak.. apekah gayat..

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