The HOT Chotto Shot!

firstly, good news, Alhamdulillah thank god.. my gramma now have fully recovered from her illness. i want to thank for those who wish for her health. she’s released on last monday.


btw here’s a review on Chotto Shot, an external camera specially for PSP. i’ve got this camera last saturday night. i bought the camera from fellow lowyat forumer. the retail price range is between 190-250 while buying bulk orders, i manage to get this for 180. quite okay, and because i didnt hv any imaging portable device. i don’t have a smaller digicam or camera hand phone, so getting chotto shot is handy and beneficial as i always bring phoebe everywhere. but now the problem is i only have 1gb memory stick pro duo.. so cant take much picture bcoz that memstick already crammed up with homebrews, and games


well the chotto shot have 1.3megapixel lens. although a bit low compared to sony ericsson K800i, the camera actually manage to be on par with other imaging device. chotto shot didnt perform well in lowlight sceneries but if outdoor pictures, the quality is superb. it only have two focus lens mode that is macro mode and infinity focus. the lens can be rotated 180 degree. in the picture mode, the maximum resolution for the picture that you can take is 1280 x 960. the sad thing is the recorded images is only 72 dpi, which make it less reliable if youre going to print it. founder ( Ninja ) claim that the picture can print up to 4R without no also capable of recording video. the highest setting is 478 x 272 and 30fps only when youre using memory stick PRO DUO. the ordinary memory stick duo only can record 15fps ( fps = frame per second ). for the sample video.. kindly ym me or just comment this entry and i’ll send you the original file.
the package includes the chotto shot itself, the plastic carrying case that is quite nice, a UMD software EDIT, that to take and make funny clips when record videos. overall feel satisfied with the things included and as alternative to portable imaging device, this stuff actually works for me. it’s small, portable, yet on par with most cameraphone ( dont compare with sony ericsson cybershot series ) and it’s value over money. so i decided to establish a photo gallery. heheheh. yah the fotopages quite dead. so instead i make my own. you can access it here. most likely everyday will be updated with chotto-whoring hahah

if you have any inquiries about this device or want to have it a try, just comment here. oh and sony didnt pay me anything to write this review seriously. it’s just me like to share. sharing is caring kan.

Feb 2007
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5 Responses to : The HOT Chotto Shot!

  1. aaeem says:

    nasib baik aku dah jual psp aku, kalau tak, sure kau telah berjaya “poison” aku utk memilikinya juga…huhuu

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    wahahahahhahaha…. baru ingat nak lawan mgs same ko.. huhu… tp siyes bes.. tak caya tengok gallery 😛

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