3 days in HTAR Klang

yes. as the title stated i was in hospital taking care of my gramma after meeting at KL on last wednesday. from wednesday night till saturday evening… it has been around 3-4 days staying watching over her at HTAR klang. this 4 days i think i learnt priceless lessons, and actually i feel glad to be there eventough everyday im cursing myself that time because i’m bored. as the prvious entry, my gramma dispatched to hospital beacause of asthma/semput and suprisingly, she also got watery lungs ( paru² berair — aku main translate je neh ). so since i’m the one who hv free time beacuse of mmu trimester holidays, i was assigned to take care of her. okay read more.. and this will bored you beacause this aint a tech thing i always drool of.

okay. since gramma, well i mean she’s in a women’s ward. so its kinda awkward to have a man inside there to taking of her gramma. but i find myself together with another husband taking care of his wife and also a man taking care of her mother. the problem is when midnight comes, mens have to go out from the ward. the patients can only be accompanied by the same gender, which is women. they assured that they’ll taking care of my gramma.. so i sleeping ( gurad sleeping/ chicken sleeping/ tidur2 ayam ) outside the ward on the cold pavement. again im fine with that. but my instinct feel a bit bad at around 3.00am. i go inside and saw my grandmother coughing and drooling… so i take a weep on it and quickly get out before the nurse caught me and scolding me. on that night, two casket have been brought into the ward. huhu

so tomorrow, thursday, as usual i sat beside my gramma and assist her with her daily needs. majority of nurse maybe from kelantan, refering to the slang they use in coversation each other. a doctor came in and take blood samples from my gramma.. suddenly came his friend

  • doc A: how’s today?
  • doc B: today is a bad day… 4 people dead ledi

OMGWTHBBQ.. luckily my gramma didnt understand english if not maybe she fainted already. you know la women.. i remember seeing one women weeping her tears.. i ask la ” why you crying” , then she said , someone in the HDU ( high dependency unit ) room behind her with same disease just dead (kidney failure). a girl is sitting beside my gramma bed. she’s 14 years old and suffering sweet piss ( diabetis/kencing manis hahahah ). she’s dispatched to the ward on friday. and she’ll really cute and talkative. her habit is to drink carbonated drink.. which is as a fact, contain 8 times of sugar that can lead to diabetis. poor kid. she looking totally sad and gloomy till i chat with her and give her try locoroco. hahahahhaha i bring my phoebe everywhere remember ? 😛 today she’s out ledi with an insulin pen that she can inject everytime she feel problem or need a right amount of insulin.. but it’s sad coz i cant give her chocolate and everything sweets.

on friday night, a man joins me at surau for a long chat.he’s from johor, coming here to give support to his only daughter ( anak tunggal ). she’s from unisel taking diploma in it somekind, and suffering badly injuries due to hit and run by a car. she with her friend riding a motorcycle heading to her favorite nightmarket to enjoy her favorite drinks which is starfruit. she’s currently in ICU ( intensive Care Unit ) with injuries at face , liver and also her spine. the uncle feel very sad. she’s a bright young girl that also top student. since she’s the only daughter so she have many friends. dah nama anak tunggal. the uncle said that she still didnt do anything ( contribute to nation/society and much more you can add ) and yet now she cant move her legs, so he kinda afraid of his daughter being immobilized.

as for my personal opinions, since im riding a motorcycle that also exposed to this exterme harmful hit and run scenarios, as long as my hands can move, i think i can survive. but if i still can speak, i might survive also.. but at top of all.. i didnt want this happen to me. i was planning to visit her but since ICU.. only restricted to several guest and relatives. last saturday the uncle said that her daughter finally able to move her leg and give very excite response to her friends who visit her. the hospital have to ‘tied’ her hand because afraid of excessive strains.

on weekdays, there’s a medic student conducting thier practical lesson. they go bed to bed to read what the prescription, the patient background, the medicine given, the charts and all. got one um girl study in 3rd year hving exam next two weeks. so she go to me and ask for my permission to check my gramma. the trainer i think cant’ administer any medicine nor taking a patient blood sample.. yela dah nama doktor pelatih. tp doktor pelatih tak ramai yg cute macam nurse.. sebab nerd kot.
there’s also a patient which is a maid for one family that vomit blood and dispatched to HDU by her boss. tha’s a very caring boss, taking care of thier maid welfare. but also there’s a family, a gramma that taken care of indon-maid. the family only visit during the visitor time while on all time, the maid will take care of.. seems the gamma doesnt need by thier family after all.. letting her there with the maid.. haih
staying the ward for past few days reveals me another thing. there’s actually no boundaries between races in malaysia. i can see we’re all chatting peacefully, when someone dead the others feel the loss too. being helpful to each other. i remember got one middle age chinese women come over to chat with one young malay girl and later, the malay girl urut her. i wish i already hv chotto shot at that time to take their picture together. there’s also an indian family who comeover.. and give her bed neighbours some meal also. wonderful doesnt it. ?

for this 3 days.. i learn a priceless lesson, while generating an ideas for phoebe project. nonetheless.. i must tahnk you for reading my first very long post entry. thanks 😀

Jan 2007

5 Responses to : 3 days in HTAR Klang

  1. sarakay says:

    di hospital ada seperti satu environment dan perasaan yang kite tak tau nak describe macam mana. rasa tersentuh dengan pertolongan.. rasa gembira dengan kasih sayang.. rasa sayu dengan penderitaan.. rasa kagum dengan kekuatan dan semangat untuk terus hidup…

    hospital memang satu tempat yang boleh mengajar kite ttg erti hidup.

    semoga nenek ko cepat sembuh. Amin.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    alhamdulillah dah sembuh dah keluar ward. actually ade lagi satu story tapi story tuh terlalu personal utk diceritakan.. kalau nak.. ym aku.. hahah

  3. fecraze says:

    LOL at sweet piss… tp, apakah ini:

    ‘tp doktor pelatih tak ramai yg cute macam nurse.. sebab nerd kot.’

    *shakes fist*

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    alala…. mehla bertumbuk ngan aku.. meh meh.. berani mehla balik mesia.. hahaha… kita bertumbuk berperang mulut macam kat taiping dulu.. hoho

  5. ninaallysa says:

    hai. u are really an observant person. thanks for the post!!

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