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In my previous post, i told you guys about, a portal site that can be made into portable desktop.i found out about Geni in my Digg tabs. Geni – everyone’s Related is a flash-driven website that builts your family tree.

building a family tree isnt a simple thing. i always have a problem of memorizing what level/callname should i use to address other relatives. it is because actually at my father family, i’m already a grandfother of thier relatives coz of the level.. while at my mother side, i have to call younger siblings as pakcik/makcik.. so now things got complicated. a family tree diagram need to be designed and this where Geni came right on my netvibes.

Geni- Everyone’s Related is a flash driven website that builts family tree automatically and sophisticatedly. it’s because it lets u upload your picture, your parents picture, any picture that u have in your family and arrange it.. and the more cooler is when we put pur siblings email.. they also can access adn enable to update the family tree list. so let say when getting married, all you need to do is put your wife/husband email right beside you and if she/he happens to have Geni before, it’ll automatically connects with your family. cool rite. now building a family tree is very easy.

clicking the thumbnail below will launch lightbox JS picture


but one thing.. i tried to have 4 wife connection in the tree and i discover something funny… this geni will automatically make all the previous wife divorced. if you have two wives the first wife automatically divorced. hahahhah. seems geni doesnt promote polygamy. ( i’m just test these as a tester only… mana larat nak kahwin 4 kalau tade duit )

okay then.. visit

Jan 2007

5 Responses to : Geni – Everyone’s Related

  1. khyrel says:

    coolness. yet funny! building my family tree now!

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    dah berapa tangkai dah ?

  3. baba says:

    i would like to built a three family.

  4. baba says:

    i would like to built a three family.

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