One down. ^v^

Hopefully. I just sent my thesis to aminlife to print and bind for next monday submission. After this will proceed to making more details to my fyp project. since it has lot’s of characters, i need to make each of the animation is unique and has thier own property. actually got several other thing to do as stated in my previous post.. but for now will concentrate on fyp.

Recently i’ve got this link. this site is actually like a goowy that last time i try back in gamma. netvibes more lightweight. with better control, AJAX implementation, and clean structure of Web 2.0 , netvibes really caught my attention. the website can serve as your main portal. it has a rss feeder, wheather forecast, email POP checker (POP is a protocol, not that ‘pop’)notepad, todo list, and several other modules can be included together. below are the screenshot of the netvibes interface.

clicking the tumbnail will open a new browser
As you can see i got my gmail and popmail installed with todolist and hutang prepaid panel to keep track with. the planner also being helpful. well this is indeed helpful for people on the move. when you access other person pc, you still can use and login into your netvibes and see the content exactly. the interface is resizeable and draggable making the Graphical User Interface of the netvibes are customizeable.

oh on the other hand, spread the news of redesignmalaysia by join redesignmalaysia friendster group. click here .


from left: xin yu, me, firdausartistze, din kelate, sabau, and josh lim

add the group in your friendster would ya. thx

Jan 2007
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2 Responses to : One down. ^v^

  1. sarakay says:

    aku pakai jek. bleh add macam2 juga.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku masih merasakan yg netvibes lagik cook… hihih

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