Happy Holidays !! ( MMU student only :P )

as the title stated, wishing happy holidays to all mmu students. some of them going to gua musang, some going to desa IT, some go to sekolahmmu while i’m still at hostel, doing thesis and also some freelance and personal projects. i realize i need a big budget to do final year project so need to work harder. besides, honestly i cant do work if i stay at home. i’ll turn to a lazy bum with astro remote control at my hand. as for me i think home is only the place i can rest and recharge with my lovely family. tomorrow’s going home after a short meeting with client. but saturday will come back to cyberjaya.

now my monitor turn against me. last time in alpha the old 21 monitor flickering at the end of his life. and now, this monitor losing it focus point. it’s like suddenly this monitor turns out to have gaussian-blur effect all over the screens.. i thought my eyes playing with my mind but it’s not. baru je cakap nak tukar monitor dia dah merajuk dah.. haih. pokai la macam ini.

anyways, please pay a visit to a revamped website of my hosting subscriber – chapan. he’s pretty good at soccer although always pancit earlier. visit him HERE Oh another classmate also revamped thier blogs.. that is tatiana and janice. hmm when la i want to revamp this template. it’s been 2 months i didnt touch html and wordpress.
things working on

  • PSQ – Flash for Phoebe v^_^v ( execution stage )
  • High Speed Cooking Action – Assignment ( development )
  • Client work #1 – ( proposal )
  • FLY//flavertmedialab ( ideation )
  • Thesis – Assignment ( next week submit /swt )
  • MGS: Portable Ops ( fighting metal gear stage )
  • Pokemon Emerald ( victory road ) — wtf i put this 2 things for what?

again.. happy holidays for those who on thier holiday. currently in recommended songs are Anberlin – ready fuels and Eri Nobuchika : Lights.


Eri Nobuchika hot gak wawww

Jan 2007

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