Mas-Kahwin yang hilang ( the lost dowry )

this is a video blog from ummahfilms. on this edition, they talk about mountain-hiking money used for marriage. they money shud go for more important things. going hajj together with your newly-wed wife is a good idea. but please first… watch the video and tell me what you think..

Jan 2007

5 Responses to : Mas-Kahwin yang hilang ( the lost dowry )

  1. khyrel says:

    the video is quit disturbing. i think in malaysia, the bride’s parents are not as demanding as the arabs. we would pay for what we can afford. so dont bother much bout it.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    are you sure?? again are you sure that the bride parents in malaysia are not as demanding as arabs??

    you’re lucky if you got that bride parent.. hehe

  3. chapan says:

    i think what khyrel is trying to say is, if compared to the arabs, malaysian parents are not that demanding. kire kalau dibandingkan, derang lagi teruk la. memang gitu pon. tp at the same time, malaysian parents pon demanding. cume not as bad as the arabs.

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    now think again.. arabs might ask for cars… coz all thier cars bigger n better.. hhuhu.. kita? kelisa je kot 😛

  5. anonybusuk says:

    we should have this kind of video as local public awareness in national TV

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