3 days in HTAR Klang

yes. as the title stated i was in hospital taking care of my gramma after meeting at KL on last wednesday. from wednesday night till saturday evening… it has been around 3-4 days staying watching over her at HTAR klang. this 4 days i think i learnt priceless lessons, and actually i feel glad to be there eventough everyday im cursing myself that time because i’m bored. as the prvious entry, my gramma dispatched to hospital beacause of asthma/semput and suprisingly, she also got watery lungs ( paru² berair — aku main translate je neh ). so since i’m the one who hv free time beacuse of mmu trimester holidays, i was assigned to take care of her. okay read more.. and this will bored you beacause this aint a tech thing i always drool of.

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Jan 2007

Hijrahku – Happy Awal Muharram ( new year in islamic )

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you who reading this. firstly thanks for visiting my blog. ok awal muharram is another terms for new year.. but awal muharram is means awal – early and muharram is the first month in islamic lunar calendar. islamic calendar starts from the time prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) move on to Medina. He move on because of suffering hardship at his own hometown, Mecca. So instead, Move on ( hijrah ) is a thing that we always do actually, changing ways. in my terms, i use changing the way i live my life.but sadly on first muharram, i plan to take pics if there’s any event on 20th jan. not to forget the 2nd mgs:po reloaded match, but my grandmother fallen sick. so i cancel all my plan and headed tanjung karang. she semput and things get worse, she got paru2 berair. suddenly the doctor on the defribilator ( the thing that the doctor say.. charge!!!!! *gedub*…. charge …… 1.2.3 *gedub* ) her pulse rate decrease to 60. so she have to send to HTAR klang, now her condition has been stabilized. but still need to practice her diet ( doctor diet )

on the other way around, i’m actually lost something and it’s a big loss.. a friend of mine cheer me up. ^_^
so i’ve decided, hijrahku. 21 tahun dah tapi masih tak ade ape ape sumbangan. it’s time to move and reshape myself to be a betterman, currently i have a short term planning of what i should do. so if you who are happen to read this loves to write/contribute something for dakwah, i’m glad to receive your email for any voluntarily service. and i decided, to rehab for 3 years, i might wait for her, before i start searching again for my shooting star.( subject to change depends on destiny.. hahah )
today host-it//flavert receive a new family member.. odin. he’s skillfull in C++ and im glad he joined host-it//flavert family. so please pay a visit to the young skillful programmer, odin click here to view his blog.

in this critical times, when you’re losing things and control… remember… be in control.. be strong, and move on. you can fall but dont the it drags you. work hard and sparks under the moonlight.
songs recommended – Lights : Eri Nobuchika…. again selamat menyambut awal muharram. :)

Jan 2007

Geni – Everyone’s Related

In my previous post, i told you guys about netvibes.com, a portal site that can be made into portable desktop.i found out about Geni in my Digg tabs. Geni – everyone’s Related is a flash-driven website that builts your family tree.

building a family tree isnt a simple thing. i always have a problem of memorizing what level/callname should i use to address other relatives. it is because actually at my father family, i’m already a grandfother of thier relatives coz of the level.. while at my mother side, i have to call younger siblings as pakcik/makcik.. so now things got complicated. a family tree diagram need to be designed and this where Geni came right on my netvibes.

Geni- Everyone’s Related is a flash driven website that builts family tree automatically and sophisticatedly. it’s because it lets u upload your picture, your parents picture, any picture that u have in your family and arrange it.. and the more cooler is when we put pur siblings email.. they also can access adn enable to update the family tree list. so let say when getting married, all you need to do is put your wife/husband email right beside you and if she/he happens to have Geni before, it’ll automatically connects with your family. cool rite. now building a family tree is very easy.

clicking the thumbnail below will launch lightbox JS picture


but one thing.. i tried to have 4 wife connection in the tree and i discover something funny… this geni will automatically make all the previous wife divorced. if you have two wives the first wife automatically divorced. hahahhah. seems geni doesnt promote polygamy. ( i’m just test these as a tester only… mana larat nak kahwin 4 kalau tade duit )

okay then.. visit http://www.geni.com

Jan 2007

One down. ^v^

Hopefully. I just sent my thesis to aminlife to print and bind for next monday submission. After this will proceed to making more details to my fyp project. since it has lot’s of characters, i need to make each of the animation is unique and has thier own property. actually got several other thing to do as stated in my previous post.. but for now will concentrate on fyp.

Recently i’ve got this link. http://www.netvibes.com this site is actually like a goowy that last time i try back in gamma. netvibes more lightweight. with better control, AJAX implementation, and clean structure of Web 2.0 , netvibes really caught my attention. the website can serve as your main portal. it has a rss feeder, wheather forecast, email POP checker (POP is a protocol, not that ‘pop’)notepad, todo list, and several other modules can be included together. below are the screenshot of the netvibes interface.

clicking the tumbnail will open a new browser
As you can see i got my gmail and popmail installed with todolist and hutang prepaid panel to keep track with. the planner also being helpful. well this is indeed helpful for people on the move. when you access other person pc, you still can use and login into your netvibes and see the content exactly. the interface is resizeable and draggable making the Graphical User Interface of the netvibes are customizeable.

oh on the other hand, spread the news of redesignmalaysia by join redesignmalaysia friendster group. click here .


from left: xin yu, me, firdausartistze, din kelate, sabau, and josh lim

add the group in your friendster would ya. thx

Jan 2007
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Happy Holidays !! ( MMU student only :P )

as the title stated, wishing happy holidays to all mmu students. some of them going to gua musang, some going to desa IT, some go to sekolahmmu while i’m still at hostel, doing thesis and also some freelance and personal projects. i realize i need a big budget to do final year project so need to work harder. besides, honestly i cant do work if i stay at home. i’ll turn to a lazy bum with astro remote control at my hand. as for me i think home is only the place i can rest and recharge with my lovely family. tomorrow’s going home after a short meeting with client. but saturday will come back to cyberjaya.

now my monitor turn against me. last time in alpha the old 21 monitor flickering at the end of his life. and now, this monitor losing it focus point. it’s like suddenly this monitor turns out to have gaussian-blur effect all over the screens.. i thought my eyes playing with my mind but it’s not. baru je cakap nak tukar monitor dia dah merajuk dah.. haih. pokai la macam ini.

anyways, please pay a visit to a revamped website of my hosting subscriber – chapan. he’s pretty good at soccer although always pancit earlier. visit him HERE Oh another classmate also revamped thier blogs.. that is tatiana and janice. hmm when la i want to revamp this template. it’s been 2 months i didnt touch html and wordpress.
things working on

  • PSQ – Flash for Phoebe v^_^v ( execution stage )
  • High Speed Cooking Action – Assignment ( development )
  • Client work #1 – ( proposal )
  • FLY//flavertmedialab ( ideation )
  • Thesis – Assignment ( next week submit /swt )
  • MGS: Portable Ops ( fighting metal gear stage )
  • Pokemon Emerald ( victory road ) — wtf i put this 2 things for what?

again.. happy holidays for those who on thier holiday. currently in recommended songs are Anberlin – ready fuels and Eri Nobuchika : Lights.


Eri Nobuchika hot gak wawww

Jan 2007