New Year Resolution

first of all, selamat hari raya aidil adha and happy new year to all readers. wish you have a better plan on 2007 if all you got is a bad thing/experience in 2006 and for those who already success/enjoying 2006 so let’s keep it longer. hahah.

hari raya haji is celeberated as to remember Prophet Ibrahim willingly to sacrifies his son, Prophet Ismail since the Almighty God command him to do it. But near at the time he is to sacrifies Prophet Ismail, God stop him and reward him a ram that is the replacement of his son. The reward is a gift for the trial. Thus we, muslims, are encouraged to sacrified animals.. but it’s not a sacrifice without meaning. the animal that being slaughtered for this celebration will be distribute to all poor people and people/friends around the is also knows because hari raya haji fall on the same day as performing Hajj.

this year my mom said our place got around seven cows including one camel.. looks like i have to prepare the weapon, DSLR camera… might borrow sabau camera.. it’s been month since i didnt take any pics.

ok.. as new year is coming and i’m going home to celebrate hari raya aidil adha, ( widely known as hari raya haji ), i think it’s better to write about a new year resolution

  • first is the most famous resolution is … to get 2006 resolution coming true.. hahah
  • getting more projects n money
  • able to launch and publish the *something for phoebe* project
  • can afford a new/used car. new car might be myvi ( peugeot 206 have to wait).. where used car maybe…. my father car.. hohoho
  • start to save to perform hajj
  • start to save for house/future plans ( all this i didnt save any money )
  • getting higher than 1600 x 1200 resolution ( bigger monitors ^_^ )
  • getting half of the wishlist ( see right side bar of this blog ) come true. 400d, nintendo wii, world peace maybe
  • getting paypal so people can donate me .. huhu
  • find a more ways to contribute to society
  • spending more time with leveu-chan n family

ok people… selamat hari raya aidil adha and happy new year b^_^d — this is showing good sign lah

Dec 2006

3 Responses to : New Year Resolution

  1. khyrel says:

    good luck in 2007 and dont forget to make your three ultimate wishes for next year at the sentral.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hehe dah buat dah… thx

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