Cut through the ‘Beat’ !!

25/12 – happy holidays to all of my christian friend.. hey share lah what you got for your present.. sharing is caring :)

now on a short break helping zufar with this Film Animation Animatics. he go to toilet to throw a big water. ( hahahahha ). well i’m do it in flash so it’s no big matter.. but the big is when the requirements is have to be in only 2 minutes so it’s a bit… fast-paced without following the synchronization of the song. i like the motions that synchro with song. it just.. works. ever since mr Ghaz ( MTV-maker for Anuar Zain ) from MPM teach us to “cut throught the beat”, i feel it is neccessarily to have every motion to synchronize with the songs and the beats. and it was much more easier to cut when the song have too much beat.

try to see each mtvs, demoreels, anything that is mtv. they sure have some rules and styles that will persuade the people to watch it.. either they synchro follow the bass, drums, or trebles. i remember doing seksis-mpm and mumbling every time.. tet tet tet, tet tenet, tet tet tet, tet tenet.. ahahha.  so while taking short breaks i decide to search some things about yoko kanno

yoko kanno is one of extremely good composer. she is well known for her works on Cowboy Bebop songs and soundtracks and lead the band called Seatbelts. i found the infos at wikipedia. the band name SeatBelts is derive from the condition on that while they’re playing music or jamming, theyre wearing seatbelts for safety. hahah what a trivia. the band plays many genres from heavily fast paced jazz “The Tank” to the  blue and ballads like “Blue”. i life the song Diggin, Blue, and Mushroom Hunting… it contains so many instrument and the beats. u can listen to guitar, rhythm tracks — just quoting some of the lyrics inside that songs.

another one thing.. when it synchros, i will move and tremble.. tremble in joy of creating a perfect synchronous motion and movement while listening to the song.

hooo hah … work-time

Dec 2006

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