Early Edition

By the time this line was written, it was 5.53 AM in the morning malaysian time ( GMT + 8 ) . # minutes earlier i feel something, which is i think not only me, but my other ym ppl also feel it.

  • deannarif (12/18/2006 6:07:58 AM): weh aku pon rasa kat hb4 ni
  • deannarif: aku tgh model 3d ni tetiber rasa goyang2 kusi aku ni
  • daniary d_mukhali: kuat x tadi mu rase?
  • PRODUCER PHENOM (12/18/2006 6:04:04 AM): rasa siot
    PRODUCER PHENOM: jer x shake
    PRODUCER PHENOM: beralun x tapi gegar

OMG.. i hope tomolo doesnt have any bad news… . i hope this is just kind of hallucination that will happen it you didnt sleep for 24 hours.. i still didnt sleep coz drawing and thinking how my gameplay for my final year projects would look alike. it’s not a simple thing to think of the flowchart and how to make the game simple and unique yet have to make sure it is do-able( professionals did use this terms) in flash. however yesterday.. again.. im sleepwalking.. and now it’s even worse.

i just know when i wakeup and realized that i put my hands to drink a hot water ( A hot water i tell ya ) that from water cooler.. when it hits my hands.. i wake up and discover i was sleepwalking.. quickly i cover up by drinking cold water since 2 of the foreigners that also in that area already … been amused ( or maybe freak out ) i think.. then i walk back to my room and pretend nothing happend.

i need someone to watch over me and take care of me.


3 Ragnarok babes given by leveu~ as my birthday present.. comel betul. thanks a lot ^_^

// additional information ————————– //

just now paie gurun give me the information about the small earthquake like that i felt

A weak earthquake has occurred with these revised parameters:

Time of Occurrence : 5.55 am on 18 December 2006

Coordinates : 1.9 North 97.8 East

Location : Near northern Sumatra. Centre of earthquake 210km northwest of Pekanbaru, Indonesia, 148km southwest of Kelang

Magnitude : 4.6 on Richter scale


No tsunami threat.

Source = http://www.kjc.gov.my/malay/perkhidmatan/seismologi/seismic_event.html

// ——————— end of additional information updated on 6.52AM //

Dec 2006

4 Responses to : Early Edition

  1. Tatiana says:

    =O =O Hot water?? OMG!! Ui, why are you like this la? Who bawa u jalan2 in your sleep? 😛

    aiyak, i didn’t feel the tremor. usually i sleep around 6am, but today before 5am already i lie down on my bed, haha. hopefully nothing too drastic happened tho :(

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    tatiana– i just dont know lah… huhu

  3. meira says:

    hahaha ko tdo berjln ke weh?stai la.jgn berjalan2 ke hostel perempuan ya.ha lg satu katil aku bergegar wehh time tu.terbgn aku.fuh ngeri tau x ngeri.ko jgn nangis tau kalo ada gegaran.

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahha haramm… nih meira zull ke meira rizam eh? banyak sangat meira..:P

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