New Year Resolution

first of all, selamat hari raya aidil adha and happy new year to all readers. wish you have a better plan on 2007 if all you got is a bad thing/experience in 2006 and for those who already success/enjoying 2006 so let’s keep it longer. hahah.

hari raya haji is celeberated as to remember Prophet Ibrahim willingly to sacrifies his son, Prophet Ismail since the Almighty God command him to do it. But near at the time he is to sacrifies Prophet Ismail, God stop him and reward him a ram that is the replacement of his son. The reward is a gift for the trial. Thus we, muslims, are encouraged to sacrified animals.. but it’s not a sacrifice without meaning. the animal that being slaughtered for this celebration will be distribute to all poor people and people/friends around the is also knows because hari raya haji fall on the same day as performing Hajj.

this year my mom said our place got around seven cows including one camel.. looks like i have to prepare the weapon, DSLR camera… might borrow sabau camera.. it’s been month since i didnt take any pics.

ok.. as new year is coming and i’m going home to celebrate hari raya aidil adha, ( widely known as hari raya haji ), i think it’s better to write about a new year resolution

  • first is the most famous resolution is … to get 2006 resolution coming true.. hahah
  • getting more projects n money
  • able to launch and publish the *something for phoebe* project
  • can afford a new/used car. new car might be myvi ( peugeot 206 have to wait).. where used car maybe…. my father car.. hohoho
  • start to save to perform hajj
  • start to save for house/future plans ( all this i didnt save any money )
  • getting higher than 1600 x 1200 resolution ( bigger monitors ^_^ )
  • getting half of the wishlist ( see right side bar of this blog ) come true. 400d, nintendo wii, world peace maybe
  • getting paypal so people can donate me .. huhu
  • find a more ways to contribute to society
  • spending more time with leveu-chan n family

ok people… selamat hari raya aidil adha and happy new year b^_^d — this is showing good sign lah

Dec 2006

Cut through the ‘Beat’ !!

25/12 – happy holidays to all of my christian friend.. hey share lah what you got for your present.. sharing is caring :)

now on a short break helping zufar with this Film Animation Animatics. he go to toilet to throw a big water. ( hahahahha ). well i’m do it in flash so it’s no big matter.. but the big is when the requirements is have to be in only 2 minutes so it’s a bit… fast-paced without following the synchronization of the song. i like the motions that synchro with song. it just.. works. ever since mr Ghaz ( MTV-maker for Anuar Zain ) from MPM teach us to “cut throught the beat”, i feel it is neccessarily to have every motion to synchronize with the songs and the beats. and it was much more easier to cut when the song have too much beat.

try to see each mtvs, demoreels, anything that is mtv. they sure have some rules and styles that will persuade the people to watch it.. either they synchro follow the bass, drums, or trebles. i remember doing seksis-mpm and mumbling every time.. tet tet tet, tet tenet, tet tet tet, tet tenet.. ahahha.  so while taking short breaks i decide to search some things about yoko kanno

yoko kanno is one of extremely good composer. she is well known for her works on Cowboy Bebop songs and soundtracks and lead the band called Seatbelts. i found the infos at wikipedia. the band name SeatBelts is derive from the condition on that while they’re playing music or jamming, theyre wearing seatbelts for safety. hahah what a trivia. the band plays many genres from heavily fast paced jazz “The Tank” to the  blue and ballads like “Blue”. i life the song Diggin, Blue, and Mushroom Hunting… it contains so many instrument and the beats. u can listen to guitar, rhythm tracks — just quoting some of the lyrics inside that songs.

another one thing.. when it synchros, i will move and tremble.. tremble in joy of creating a perfect synchronous motion and movement while listening to the song.

hooo hah … work-time

Dec 2006

Human Instrumentality Project?

Ok sou have you heard of it? if you have.. maybe you would like to share some of your information here or maybe help this little guy

that guy

i even suggest that guy to watch neon genesis evangelion.. that maybe help him..
The end of this trimester is near.. good luck to everybody.. :)

Dec 2006

Early Edition

By the time this line was written, it was 5.53 AM in the morning malaysian time ( GMT + 8 ) . # minutes earlier i feel something, which is i think not only me, but my other ym ppl also feel it.

  • deannarif (12/18/2006 6:07:58 AM): weh aku pon rasa kat hb4 ni
  • deannarif: aku tgh model 3d ni tetiber rasa goyang2 kusi aku ni
  • daniary d_mukhali: kuat x tadi mu rase?
  • PRODUCER PHENOM (12/18/2006 6:04:04 AM): rasa siot
    PRODUCER PHENOM: jer x shake
    PRODUCER PHENOM: beralun x tapi gegar

OMG.. i hope tomolo doesnt have any bad news… . i hope this is just kind of hallucination that will happen it you didnt sleep for 24 hours.. i still didnt sleep coz drawing and thinking how my gameplay for my final year projects would look alike. it’s not a simple thing to think of the flowchart and how to make the game simple and unique yet have to make sure it is do-able( professionals did use this terms) in flash. however yesterday.. again.. im sleepwalking.. and now it’s even worse.

i just know when i wakeup and realized that i put my hands to drink a hot water ( A hot water i tell ya ) that from water cooler.. when it hits my hands.. i wake up and discover i was sleepwalking.. quickly i cover up by drinking cold water since 2 of the foreigners that also in that area already … been amused ( or maybe freak out ) i think.. then i walk back to my room and pretend nothing happend.

i need someone to watch over me and take care of me.


3 Ragnarok babes given by leveu~ as my birthday present.. comel betul. thanks a lot ^_^

// additional information ————————– //

just now paie gurun give me the information about the small earthquake like that i felt

A weak earthquake has occurred with these revised parameters:

Time of Occurrence : 5.55 am on 18 December 2006

Coordinates : 1.9 North 97.8 East

Location : Near northern Sumatra. Centre of earthquake 210km northwest of Pekanbaru, Indonesia, 148km southwest of Kelang

Magnitude : 4.6 on Richter scale


No tsunami threat.

Source =

// ——————— end of additional information updated on 6.52AM //

Dec 2006

Malaysian Skills Dinner

I was invited to Malaysian Skills Dinner ( Malam Anugerah Tangan Emas Perdana Menteri ke-16 ) that was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. Last year i also going to that dinner at PWTC KL because i representing Nora ( my copywriter sooner ) that win a finalist prize and also since i hv to evacuate sabau back after that dinner. that time sabau win no 2 website category and Kasuma no 3 for graphic design. last year dinner, what i like is the food served since it was a chinese cuisine while this year.. malay cuisine.. hari hari makan mende tuh.

but actually, there’s a worst case scenario that day. the flow of the program was not so smooth like last year and the technical doesnt perform well.. after our prime minister Pak Lah giving his speech, he was standing there for couple of seconds before ppl invited him to go down the stage and after that…. a confetti blows.. What the… if my assumptions are correct i think there shud be all the vvvips such as Pak Lah himself, Dato Seri S Samy Vellu and others shud be standing there and claps together when the confetti blows. i only bring syawal’s camera so it cuts my mood to go infront to take pics.( don blame camera syawal.. blame me for not having money to buy 350d ) and then they got the montage. lights go out.

as the montage is not a professional one, they even use songs from popular MMORPG that again… cut my mood. i mean this is an event that vvvips attend so how come the level should be like this? and ironically this dinner is malaysian skills, that acknowledge every citizen skills in every path they take. maybe after this they should have video editing category. the food served that night was ok but the lack of the waiter and waitress makes us hungry. one waiter/waitress that cover up to 4 tables that each table got 10 people.. whoa.. die lah. last year the waiter only cover two tables and keep ppl in Loser Table stuffed with chinese food.


oh.. and congrats to all the winners and finalist.. this picture is only three of us in website category the left side from your view is Nik from Uitm and the center famously known as feezixora ( hafiz ) is a 20yrs guy taht owns a company that doing websites and multimedia stuff.. check out his company websites and portfolios – Both of them aim to enter again the competition but next year i’m not elligible to participate since one of the rules is must not be more that 22 years. ahaha.

ok.. updating new post after this 😛

Dec 2006