Example of Con Cases in Design Industries

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you :) youre now with me dj tekong in slot 999 designer version, where we talk about con and crimes cases committed in multimedia design industries. This cases is between 2 forumers in lowyat.net, which is one of them are running sportscenter(referring as The Boss) and another one is a designer but still a student ( solid snake before he grad in foxhound ). check this out.

so the big boss coming into lowyat.net art n design board, conducting a LOGO design Competition. so around 5 designers ( all from foxhound ) as i recalled joined and submitted thier artwork. after that.. got announced the winner with thier logo being showed off. ( at a time of this article was wrote, the previous winner logo has been removed ad named as disgusted ). a day after it, suddenly the boss announced that they got a winner and he’s not from foxhound. the winner didnt even came from lowyat.net community. and the boss offer the same money amount RM50 to all of the previous winner and giving the grand winner the 10k worth of advertisement job.

so the winner, previous winner from foxhound that is solid snake, pissed off because u know lah.. suddenly got another man winning the competition after he was announced for no 1. this is the same scenario if let say all older team of Power Ranger got blue, yellow, red, green and pink fighting the monster together and suddenly appear power ranger white.. even the viewer will go WTF man!!! WTH is this? yes the white ranger still fighting the monster but u knowlah.. the older ranger must be piss off first and they only calmed down when got offer an equivalent robot that as cool as white ranger. but that was not the scenario. all the older ranger are not being appreciated by just offering repair payment to thier old chapalang robots. must be angry lah kan

so mr solid snake making a topic in Kopitiam Lowyat.net to seek opinions and let people know of mistakes and lessons he had. and i would suggest to beginners in design industries, to seek advice from person that have experience. what are methods to secure our rights as designers. as another forumer inside said, even a student they still have thier value and to take advantage of them is just so unprofessional. so please.. even to anyone actually.. be cautious as world isnt safe anymore.

so tha’s all for today slot 999 designer version. may the creative minds be with you.

Nov 2006

3 Responses to : Example of Con Cases in Design Industries

  1. sarakay says:

    yg couch.urbanice to remove jek. mmg dah mati. yg blog.urbanice. tu hidop lagik. makasih.

  2. chapan says:

    care kau menceritakan cite ni sangat menarik sampai aku konfius. hahahha.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahahahaha… entah.. aku nih agaknye pengarang wannabe kot… tuh jadik camnih 😛

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