Whoa.. a complete rip-off.

as usual a cup of nescafe rich and daily dose of online community, i was shocked seeing this website has been duplicated to make a new site

from this site ( if interactive )

has become this site

N2 Sony

salah siapa? pihak sony? agency who doing that for sony ? or who ?

so what do you say? is this inspiration or a rip-off

personally i think it was ripoff.. the scripting even same just change the library.someone gonna get fired.


Emily ( Vice President ) Me ( Technical Manager [ Website ] ) and G ( President ) — all oldies meh.

after 3 years serving as DJ in MMU DJ Club, i was invited ( as VIP woohooooo ) to RMMU day Mini-Concert that was organized to celebrate Radio MMU birthday. This year it has been 8 years of our club serving as an official broadcaster to MMU. We have 4 language that is English Chinese Malay and Mandarin serve to all students. I’ve deejaying since Alpha, my first year in mmu starting 2003. On-aired in various slot starts with Forum XY with DJ TK, News with DJ Kim, Prebiu Filem with DJ Ashraf n DJ Nina, Animetech with DJ Adam, and successfully established Slot Fitrah with DJ Somehow. Served as Technical Manager during RMMU Day ’04 and a Technical Manager ( Website Development ) for Radio MMU session 05/06. Gain one award in MMU Awards for the Best Club Website last year and this year, in my final year, I decide to step down as just On-Call DJ since being constrained with Final Year Projects and also several personal commitments.

But being in the family for 3.. no almost 4 years have teach me a lot. Audio technicalities, Deejaying etiquettes and the biggest thing as developing my portfolio with Radio MMU. All for free but that’s how my skill grown up. Even it is more to personal desires to build up something, but if without demand, i maybe wouldnt do that. So for ppl who read this article especially FCM-ers, try to seek a chance to establish your works. Find something that you can contribute to your club, no matter how many the club that you’ve joined, by any chance and by all means, contribute to them in whatever you can. FOM can try to manage activities, FOE or FIT can work also in things they interested with and FCMers, try to develop a unique, branding, or everything related to that programme.

I’m so proud, so proud that once i was in Radio MMU together with countless good and kind people that i know. Happy 8th Birthday Radio MMU!!!! May the headphones, microphones and internet streaming be with you.

Nov 2006

6 Responses to : Whoa.. a complete rip-off.

  1. waNN says:

    mokkk…ko ni mmg poyo ler wei.. apa ler muka ko cm tu…bongok tui ler wei!!..muhahah!!…br 1st djmput vip..sedih tui…muahaha!!!

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahhh dulik ape aku.. hahahahha

  3. amar_kun says:

    aku tengok site sony tu.. mmg sial aa.. nama je kompeni besar.. tp curik script org.. mmg tak tahu malu ah..

    mm.. nampaknya ko makin cumil.. patutlah dah ade aweks..heheh

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    tulah.. tp tuh bukan salah company sony sebenarnya.. rasanye salah design firm yg buatkan website tuh.. dan juga mungkin team designer sony themselves coz terlampau ignorant kot tak tahu pasal website IF>. tuh sony asia… logik gak tatau pasal IF. tp design firm la.. IF tuh menang best website bila tah.. 2005 tak silap

    hahah.. tuh dua rakan setugas dlm DJ hicom la.. agaga

  5. sarakay says:

    weih aku bukak website sony tuh dah tak available dah. cis tak sempat aku nak nengok. aa lagi satu link website sara – amyn tu dah takde la.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    oh… tp siyes shit sebijik same just gambar je lain… actionscript pun sama tukar gambar dlm library je..
    so link ko nak remove ke ape?

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