Host your files online!!.

At the time people brainstorming ideas for doing Final Year Projects proposal, i’m busy thinking of doing hosting plan for my coursemate and anyone who need an online site for thier portfolio. I already have two digital presence ID which is flavertmedialab and flavert. so now there’s a site officially explain what the package are about both package are the same but the RM30 package is using shorter domain name and can easily remembered. logo.jpg

it has 60GB bandwidth limit and at price only RM 10 for 100mb.. it’s a steal. plus i can give you a database connections so that you’re able to put forums or blogs that uses database. arent that freaking cheap? for one year only RM10 and 100mb.. IT”S a STEALLLL!!

logon to

And introducing a new Student Online Sources, S.O.S that able to provide you stuff especially for FCM-ers for mounting board, spray and more to come. drop by thier website at http://sos.flavert.comĀ 

So far this is the website that using our hosting and keep wasting our bandwidth .. hahahaha..


So what are you waiting for? come join us. :)

Nov 2006
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2 Responses to : Host your files online!!.

  1. ikram_zidane says:

    your hosting site may need to be more hosting-like design to attract poeple..
    it more like a blog layout to me..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    as for me.. it was a simple notice design.. and i was totally busy with other things that should be taken care of at first place… yes this is the alasan but this is what i shud prioritize…. the hosting offer is more onto ppl or whoever wanted to hv a hosting for thier blog or thier portfolio..

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