COD stealers

COD means Cash On Delivery. A terms used when u order something and have to pay to the bearer. COD is one of a bit safe way to trade on online presence since we can meet with the person and test it at that place like last time i buy a graphic card for my friend from forum member evogenix. he insistly told me to check at his house and i just follow and check the cards working good. that way much more safer and guaranteed. I’m more prefer COD rather than postage for itmes above RM100.As usual, I was surfing forum to search some stuff and .. apparently, i found out this page. 

this MOFO, actually ran of with my Chaintech AA6800 Turbo while doing a COD at night. He, a tall & thin malay guy, fair skin, wears a black framed glasses and smokes, had told me that he was interested in my card @ rm450 and COD at SS19/1H. I asked him to COD at 6pm but he tells me he’s sitting for SPM this year and he forced to stay at home, so he can only ‘sneak-out’ from his place at 9pm. He initially asked me to meet him at the RC track and dealing was set at 9.30pm. However, feeling that the track is dark and damp wasn’t such a good idea, so i told him to meet me near the main road in front of SS19/1H junction. He comes 15 minutes late, walking whilst smoking, greets me and i get out of my car along with the card. He attempts to open the box and i tell him that its drizzling and that i will take an umbrella out. I then show him the card and he asks me few questions on the card. After placing the card back into the box, he then talks to me on some hardware mods not related to the deal. A few minutes of talking, this ******* bolts away with the card in his clutches. I jump into the car and chased him until he runs left into another road, i then shout ‘curi’ ‘dia curi’ which the local neighbourhood guards nearby noticed. he goes into a small alley where the car can’t enter and i take my car to the other end chasing him whilst the guard was also chasing. the persuit ends when the chase ends up in a park seperated by a large monsoon drain and although i tried going to the other end, he was nowhere to be see. Nevertheless, i return to the scene of the crime and i am so delighted to see the security guards holding my card. He told me that that guy was slowing down and was panting and even the guard was tired himself right until that guy left the graphic card and continued running. I am thankful to the guards and they will be rewarded for their deed. As for the crook, he ran off, and wasn’t found.

I would like to urge my fellow brothers and sisters to organize a proper cod or dealing b4 rushing into a deal.

-COD in a busy area that you are familiar with
-Ideally in a restaurant
-Don’t COD at night
-Don’t deal with new members or few post count
-Don’t get distracted with talking
-Get the money then have your conversation
-Have a friend or two to be with you

SO guys.. be cautious.. it isnt safe anymore..

Nov 2006

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